Filter Sub-Form Data - Access 2010

Hi Experts,
I have a Form that contains a SubForm located on a Tab in it.  The SubForm is used to view / update fields displayed in it.  There is no Bound Data Field to link the Form to the SubFiorm.

I want the data in the SubForm to be filtered based on the value in the field WRK_USER_OBJECT_KEY_002.

The Bound Field on the SubForm is USER_OBJECT_KEY.

The following is the Code in the Sub-Form.
Private Sub Form_Load()
On Error GoTo STEP_999
'MsgBox "Step 000-Form Load Event - F-41-091"
GoTo STEP_900
'MsgBox "Step 001-Initialize Common Parameters - F-41-091."
Dim M00000_001 As Form
Set M00000_001 = [Forms]![M-00-000 - Scout Admin System - Main Menu]
Dim F00001_001 As Form
Set F00001_001 = [Forms]![M-00-000 - Scout Admin System - Main Menu]![F-00-001 - System User Lookup SubForm].[Form]
Dim WRK_SYS_USER_KEY_002 As String
[WRK_SYS_USER_KEY_002] = F00001_001![SYS_USER_KEY]
[WRK_PARENT_OBJECT_KEY_002] = "F-41-090**"
[WRK_CHILD_OBJECT_KEY_002] = "R-41-090**"
Me.FilterOn = True
'MsgBox "Step 999-Shutdown."
'MsgBox "Step 990-Exit Event."
Exit Sub
'MsgBox Step 999-Error Handler."
Dim M00000_999 As Form
Set M00000_999 = [Forms]![M-00-000 - Scout Admin System - Main Menu]
[DEBUG_ERR_MSG_OPTION] = "Yes" 'Un-Comment for use.
If M00000_999![LKUP_SYS_ERR_MSG_OPTION] = "Yes" Or [DEBUG_ERR_MSG_OPTION] = "Yes" Then
   MsgBox Err.DESCRIPTION & " (" & Err.Number & ")"
   Resume STEP_990
   Resume STEP_990
End If
End Sub

The data is not being filtered.  How can I filter the data in the SubForm?

Bob C.
Bob CollisonSystem ArchitectAsked:
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Rey Obrero (Capricorn1)Commented:
upload a copy of your db
Bob CollisonSystem ArchitectAuthor Commented:
Hi Rey,

The Database Code (without the Back End DBs containing the data) is 110 Meg.  I will have to create a custom version to give to you which will take awhile to do.

Bob C.
Bob CollisonSystem ArchitectAuthor Commented:
Hi Rey,
I have created an App that only contains the relevant data / forms / code.  The Main Form automatically displays when you start the App.

The single Tab contains / displays the SubForm in question.  You will note that 4 records display.  The filtering should filter out the top two records and only display the bottom two record based on the code in the  Form_Load Event of the SubForm.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Bob C.
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Rey Obrero (Capricorn1)Commented:
test this




Me.Filter = "[USER_OBJECT_KEY] = '" & WRK_USER_OBJECT_KEY_002 & "'"
Bob CollisonSystem ArchitectAuthor Commented:
Hi Rey,

I replaced the line of code with the one you supplied above in my copy of the DB I supplied to you and it still displays all 4 records.

Bob C.
Gustav BrockCIOCommented:
The simple non-code solution for exactly this is to use the MasterLinkFields and ChildLinkFields properties of the subform control on the main form:

    MasterLinkFields: [WRK_USER_OBJECT_KEY_002]
    ChildLinkFields: [USER_OBJECT_KEY]

Rey Obrero (Capricorn1)Commented:
did you test the DB i uploaded?

-- comment the code 'GoTo STEP_900  at the top of your codes

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Bob CollisonSystem ArchitectAuthor Commented:
Hi Gustav,
Your solution requires there to be matching Master / Child Fields and Data.  The two tables don't meet this condition and therefore not a solution.

Hi Rey,
I'm not sure how I had entered the GoTo STEP_900 Code.  It probably was left over from the process of creating the DB for you.  Sorry I didn't pick up on it.

Your solution is exactly what I was looking for and works perfectly.

Bob C.
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