Help with the script. Working on some servers but not the others

I found this script to uncheck DNS registration on TCP/IP settings for all our servers - 2008, 2012 but it doesn't work on some servers. Here is the error that I am getting. Please help.
thank you!

(Get-WmiObject -Class Win32_NetworkAdapter -Filter "NetEnabled=True").GetRelated('Win32_NetworkAdapterConfiguration') | ForEach-Object {$_.SetDynamicDNSRegistration($false,$false) }

+ (Get-WmiObject -Class Win32_NetworkAdapter -Filter "NetEnabled=True").GetRelated <<<< ('Win32_NetworkAdapterConfigura
tion') | ForEach-Object {$_.SetDynamicDNSRegistration($false,$false) }
    + CategoryInfo          : InvalidOperation: (GetRelated:String) [], RuntimeException
    + FullyQualifiedErrorId : MethodNotFound

Maybe you can suggest a better script that will work with all the servers. thank you!
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Phil DavidsonCommented:
I would try this:

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(Code taken from this link.)

If that doesn't work, what is the version of PowerShell that the script doesn't work on?

Use this command to find out:

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creative555Author Commented:
THank you so much! Where would you put this command though?


Could you please re-post the entire revised script?
creative555Author Commented:
I tried to run this script but it fails with the error that im missing closing }. I tried to fix it but failed.
Please help. I just need to get that option unchecked on all the servers -TCP/IP Settings option for DNS -“Register this connection’s addresses in DNS”

function CheckRemoteNetworkInterfaceIP {
Param ( [parameter(mandatory=$true)][string]$arg1,

$nics = gwmi Win32_NetworkAdapter -Computername $arg1 -Filter "NetConnectionID = '$NetConnectionID'"
#$nics = gwmi Win32_NetworkAdapter -Computername $arg1 -Filter "NetConnectionID = 'Service'"
$nics | {
    $Script:IPAddress = @($_.GetRelated('Win32_NetworkAdapterConfiguration'))[0].IPAddress[0]
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Phil DavidsonCommented:
Do you notice what is different about the servers that your command works on compared the servers that your command fails on?

Can you try this?
Get-NetIPConfiguration |
Get-NetConnectionProfile |
Where IPv4Connectivity -ne "NoTraffic" |
Set-DnsClient -RegisterThisConnectionsAddress:$false -Verbose

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Above taken from this link.
creative555Author Commented:
I found this script below that is working on all servers remotely.

$Computers = Get-Content "e:\scripts\computers.txt"

    ForEach ($Comp in $Computers)

            $DNSCheck = Get-WmiObject -Class Win32_NetWorkAdapterConfiguration -ComputerName $Comp | ? { $_.IPAddress -ne $null }

                If ($DNSCheck.FullDNSRegistrationEnabled -eq $false)

                    Write-Warning "$Comp DNS setting is already unchecked"







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creative555Author Commented:
Found a different script that resolves the issue. Thank you so much for your help. The posted one was throwing the errors that I couldn't resolved. Thanks again.
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