Safari killing memory on Mac

Once I open it it keeps going up and slowing down the mac

Even if it is one tab

How to fix this??

I only have a 4 gig max on my Macbook
brian ramdhaniCT Technician Asked:
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Justin BradshawOwnerCommented:
Safari does use a lot of RAM (but all modern browsers do) and 4gb isn't much to start with. Perhaps you could upgrade your memory? Which model Mac is this?
(If you're not sure, go to the Apple Menu and choose About this Mac. send us that first line. mine is MacBook Pro (13-inch, Early 2011)
brian ramdhaniCT Technician Author Commented:
Late 2009
Mal OsborneAlpha GeekCommented:
Pretty normal these days.

Some websites are memory hogs, Facebook easily sucks 1Gb.  Under Chrome, IE or Edge on a PC, with a dozen tabs on my "travel" laptop with 6Gb I can easily use all physical ram.  You might have to get more RAM, or accept that you can't run a lot of complex browser instances at once.
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brian ramdhaniCT Technician Author Commented:
But it used to work good before so I dunno if is something else??
Mal OsborneAlpha GeekCommented:
Yeah, over the last few years a lot of websites have become more "fancy" and resource hungry. Browsing in 4Gb is possible, but you need to keep an eye on how many tabs are open at once. 5 years ago 4Gb would have been more than enough, but not now.
brian ramdhaniCT Technician Author Commented:
So in your opinion you need a pc with at least 8 gigs of RAM???
Mal OsborneAlpha GeekCommented:
Yeah, with 8Gb you should be able to open a heap of browser tabs and be fine. 4Gb is useable, as long as you keep an eye on usage and don't have too many ram hungry sites open at once.
Justin BradshawOwnerCommented:
Assuming you mean "MacBook Pro late 2009" then I'd suggest this ram upgrade:

Over time, as applications and operating systems "improve" they take more memory for the same thing... sot that would definitely explain the observation that "it used to work fine" as well as the previously stated fact that websites are getting more complicated.

I'd also suggest some plugins that reduce the amount your websites are allowed to do, like: Adblock and click-to-flash. That will help a little.

Also check that you have ample space left on your hard drive. That could be a factor too.
brian ramdhaniCT Technician Author Commented:
Macbook not pro
Justin BradshawOwnerCommented:
Okay, well then click the "more info" button and figure out the model identifier. If it matches one of these, that's still the right ram:
Works with Model Identifiers: MacBook5,1; MacBookPro5,1; MacBookPro5,2;
MacBookPro5,3; MacBookPro5,4; MacBookPro5,5; MacBookPro6,1;
MacBookPro6,2 & MacBookPro7,1

If not, it will be this:
brian ramdhaniCT Technician Author Commented:
It says Macbook 6,1
Justin BradshawOwnerCommented:
Then you want this RAM upgrade:

OWC has installation videos. It's quite easy with a small screwdriver. Otherwise you can go to a local computer repair shop and they will likely put it in for you for about $30

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brian ramdhaniCT Technician Author Commented:
Ok but according to crucial website my Macbook only supports 4 gig maximum so how come these other sites telling me I can use 8???
brian ramdhaniCT Technician Author Commented:
apple also says 4 gig max so i am a bit confused.
brian ramdhaniCT Technician Author Commented:
so i talk to a rep in OWC Sales and this is what he said

Apple does not go back and retest Macs when larger modules become available.

So i guess you are right then.......
Justin BradshawOwnerCommented:
Yes, Apple is quite conservative with this stuff. I've upgraded dozens of old mac laptops to specs higher than Apple's and its fine. OWC is a great company who stands behind their products, too.
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