Alter or drop table failing on MS SQL 2012

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I have a table that has over 100 columns, though isn't the widest table I have. However, anytime I use MS SQL Management Studio to try to modify the table by adding a new column, it crashes SQL management studio. Likewise even if I try to "drop table xxxx", the query hangs forever.  It seems to be the only table in this database and the table has only about 200 records. All nightly data integrity checks come out ok. What else should I try to be able to either drop or alter this table?
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This might be session issue... Even the SSMS hanging is also because of this.

Try this:

Someone or something has an open connection accessing that table and you are being blocked.

Check in Activity Monitor, find the session and kill it.

Or mentioned as below.

You can check this by starting your DROP, then in another window in SSMS running:

sp_who2 active

You should see a row with your spid, and the blocked_by field will have another spid number in it. Find that spid to see what is blocking you.

If it can be safely terminated, either close the process manually or from within SSMS run:

kill x

...where x is the spid of the blocking process.


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