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Sprint Iphone 5s ringer issue

I just got a new Sprint Iphone 5s and I keep getting calls from an unmarked number around 2am every other day.  I turned off the ringer, but the phone still vibrates and keeps waking me up.  Is there a way to completely turn off the ringer/vibrater for when I'm about to go to sleep for the night?

Lastly, how do I find the number who keeps calling me with an unmarked number?  I answer the phone and all I can hear is someone breathing on the other end.
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Contact your carrier and see if they can trace the number.  Be sure to give them the date and time that the calls are coming in.

Also, ask them if there is a way to block all unmarked numbers.

Might not stop the calls, but get an air horn and when you hear the breathing... BLAST the sound.

They might think about calling again.