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use regular expression to find data and so it can be marked for redaction

Data to be found and marked for redaction looks like this:

I50name initial. name, 0000

I50mr. name name, jr., 1111

data to be marked should be the last 4 digits

every line will end with 4 digits

i am having trouble trying to account for data that may or may not be in all lines that i am trying to find that start with I50 and end with 4 digits
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Russ Suter


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The above Regex breaks down as follows:

^ = start from the beginning of the string
I50 = look for exactly this string pattern
.* = look for any character, any number of times
\d{4} = look for exactly 4 numeric digits
$ = end of the string

Basically this will match any string that starts with "I50" and ends with 4 numeric digits.

Consider using Expresso for Regex stuff. It's free but you have to register. I use it all the time and it makes life so much easier.
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If you have your solution could you please close out this question?
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Solution to my problem resolved. Thank you.
OK, then close the question please.
my question has been answered. thank you.