Compare 2 or more rows in same spreadsheet where column A has same value in vb

I would like to compare 2 rows in the attached spreadsheet and highlight where there are differences between the columns, using the 1st row as the "master".  I also attached my spreadsheet as there are more than 7 columns of data.

I would like a vb solution to compare the rows.

For example:  
            Col 1 Col2   Col3   Col4   Col5   Col6   Col7
Row1  (Q      1111  1         23       Y         N       F
Row2  (Q      1111  1         23       N        N       U
Row3  :1       1111  2         22       Y         Y        F
Row4  :1       1111  3         22       Y         N       F
Row5  :1       1111  2         23       Y         Y        F

I would like the below columns highlighted as differences. (using column 1 as the "join")

Row2 col5, col7
Row4 col3, col6
Row5 col4

Thanks in advance for your assistance.
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azaunAuthor Commented:
I was able to come up with a solution with help from several different sources:  

Sub CompareInfo()

    Const ID_COL As Integer = 2 ' ID is in the first column
    Const NUM_COLS As Integer = 50 'how many columns are being compared?
    Const Source As Integer = 1 ' source is the column to exclude

    Dim shtNew As Excel.Worksheet, shtOld As Excel.Worksheet
    Dim rwNew As Range, rwOld As Range, f As Range
    Dim x As Integer, Id
    Dim valOld, valNew

    Set shtNew = ActiveWorkbook.Sheets("CurrentList")
    Set shtOld = ActiveWorkbook.Sheets("CurrentList")

    Set rwNew = shtNew.Rows(2) 'first employee on "current" sheet

    Do While rwNew.Cells(ID_COL).Value <> ""

        Id = rwNew.Cells(ID_COL).Value
        Set f = shtOld.UsedRange.Columns(ID_COL).Find(Id, , xlValues, xlWhole)
        If Not f Is Nothing Then
            Set rwOld = f.EntireRow
            For x = 2 To NUM_COLS
            If rwNew.Cells(x).Value <> rwOld.Cells(x).Value Then
                rwNew.Cells(x).Interior.Color = vbYellow
                rwNew.Cells(x).Interior.ColorIndex = xlNone
            End If
            Next x

            rwNew.Cells(ID_COL).Interior.Color = vbGreen 'new employee
        End If

        Set rwNew = rwNew.Offset(1, 0) 'next row to compare

End Sub
[ fanpages ]IT Services ConsultantCommented:
Hi azaun,

I know you asked for a "vb solution", but please find attached the same approach just using Conditional Formatting (applied to the range [A2:AP402]:


No code is necessary to produce the results as shown below:

Results from my Conditional Formatting

I did note, however, that the results from your code do not seem to match your requirements:

Results from azaun's Visual Basic for Applications code
Note that in your results, cells [C4] & [D4] (amongst many other examples) should not be highlighted as row 4 is the "base row" (for Code ";1").

I have requested attention to this thread so that it can be re-opened so that a discussion of your code can be re-established.

If you wish to retain the code-based route, then I believe your code does not meet your requirements, so further discussion may be necessary to provide the solution to the question your originally asked.
azaunAuthor Commented:
Fanpages - thanks so much for the conditional formatting solution.  You are correct my solution isn't working correctly.

One question though - the conditional formatting is also not working correctly when my "code" (column A) contains an asterisk or a question mark - any ideas on how to recognize the character as text and not as a "wildcard" character?  See the attached sample.
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[ fanpages ]IT Services ConsultantCommented:

I originally intended to attach the workbook below, but I am not sure how I missed doing that.

If I change a few cells in column [A] in this workbook to, say, *0, it works as intended.

Do you not see the same?
azaunAuthor Commented:
Thanks again for providing guidance Fanpages - I am still seeing a problem with the "*" and "?" records.  It appears to be in your file also - see row 183 & 184, column A ("J?") - both records are highlighted.  I have re-attached your original file and conditional formatting rule after I appended some additonal records so you can also see the issue.  (see rows 406 - 429)

Any ideas?
[ fanpages ]IT Services ConsultantCommented:
Thanks for that.

If you prefix an asterisk ("*") or a question mark ("?") character with a tilde ("~"), you can search for the characters rather than using them as 'wildcards'.

So, to search for an asterisk you would specify ~*.
Similarly, to search for a question mark that would be ~?.

Bearing this in mind the previous Conditional Formatting criteria could replace "*" with "~*", & "?" with "~?"...

Firstly, just for "?":

Alternatively, just for "*":

Combining both together:

Please see the adjusted attachment.

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azaunAuthor Commented:
That's a fantastic solution Fanpages!!  Provides me with just what I needed to complete my project.

Thanks again for your diligence.
[ fanpages ]IT Services ConsultantCommented:
No problem :)
azaunAuthor Commented:
Fanpages - hoping you can take a look at the attached spreadsheet.  I am trying to utilize your logic on additional spreadsheets and for an unknown reason I cannot get it to function correctly.

I have copied in the conditional formatting rule on an additional tab on the attached spreadsheet - but cannot figure out why it wont work as nicely as your original tab.

My tab - "Testing"
Your original tab - "Q_2871141"

Thanks again for your help.
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