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Deploying VB.net, Visual Studio application to Windows 8 or Windows Server 2012

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Last Modified: 2015-12-17
I have been deploying VB.net applications created in Visual Studio for 3 years, without any trouble.  Now, I am trying to deploy to two computers, one a PC with Windows 8 O/S and the other a server with Windows Server 2012.  In both cases, when I double click the .msi file it goes through all of the windows and appears to install properly.

However, when I look in the folder where I expect to see the .exe, the only file in that folder (C:\Program Files (X86)) is Windows7(115).ico.  If I do a search for ProdBatching.exe, nothing is found.  The only difference on my development machine is that I am now on a 64-bit machine with Windows 8.  I have done everything I did in the past to create the .msi and setup.exe.  It always worked before, but now I cannot get the program to deploy on the target machine.

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if it is a full x64 app, it is likely to deploy to "C:\Program Files" instead.  check that area.
T HoecherlDeveloper


I have checked that folder.  The .ico icon file is there, but no .exe.  Here is what I have already done:

1.In the Solution Explorer, select the deployment project.
2.In the Properties window, make sure that the TargetPlatform property is set to either x64 or Itanium.
3.On the View menu, point to Editor, and then click File System.
4.In the File System editor, select the File System on Target Machine node.
5.On the Action menu, choose Add Special Folder, and then choose Common Files (64-bit), Program Files (64-bit), or System (64-bit).
6.Add the desired files to the new folder.

I'm not sure which files are intended in step 6 above.  What I did is removed Primary Output from the Application folder in the file System and put the Primary Output in the 64 bit file folder.  Don't know if that was the right thing to do.  I can generate a .msi and a setup.exe, but they still will not install.

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