Sophos SG 125 Report Traffic at daily PDF about a Site to Site Amazon VPC


I´ve some Amazon VPC Site to Site VPN connections using my Sophos SG 125 9.315-2. They run very fine.

The dubt is, how can I add that vpc "interface" informacion to the daily pdf inform? Right now,ethx or red devices are show but not Amazon VPC Site to Site VPN.

Is possible? How?

Regards and thanks a lot!!!!
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btanExec ConsultantCommented:
Cloudwatch (if enabled for the vpc) has the log including those of vpn for your instance - maybe one means is to create a CloudWatch metric filter first and set an alarm for specific flow log of interested use case.

More on Cloudwatch log
You can create alarms that will fire if certain types of traffic are detected; you can also create metrics to help you to identify trends and patterns.

The information captured includes information about allowed and denied traffic (based on security group and network ACL rules). It also includes source and destination IP addresses, ports, the IANA protocol number, packet and byte counts, a time interval during which the flow was observed, and an action (ACCEPT or REJECT).

Flows are collected, processed, and stored in capture windows that are approximately 10 minutes long. The log group will be created and the first flow records will become visible in the console about ten minutes after you create the Flow Log.

You can create up to two Flow Logs on one resource.
btanExec ConsultantCommented:
Even Sophos has its dashboard to see the vpc vpn log (see pg7/8)
heze54Author Commented:
Hi btan,

I know CloudWatch, in fact, I use it with my VPC.

Nice sophos link but at this doc, I can not find how can I add more info to daily inform

btanExec ConsultantCommented:
noted, besides the cloudwatch (not so much of report) having to alert the reporting is likely to be in the Sophos side instead of AWS. Maybe have to explore further on the Sophos side like under Logging -> Reporting settings you can enable "Enable Remote Access Accounting". This starts collecting bandwidth usage by your Remote access users. There is no dashboard as default showing the vpn stats too. Overall doesn't seems to have very in depth reporting unless we can try to include the interface used by SSL VPN like virtual interfaces called tun# (eg. tun0, tun1) for traffic within the tunnel.

I see the reference below did not state too for the TUN/TAP (under the "7.3 Network Usage"), maybe the closest is the "7.3.5 Bandwidth Usage" to include manually provide an IP/Network, as well as network ranges, and on the By Services views,  entering the vpn protocol and service used. Thereafter have the filters created to then include as part of report (still not part of the daily report though).

Ref iView setup doc -

Regardless, you probably have to explore more from iView (syslog server to your Sophos device). As long as the syslog has those event going into iView and it has been tagged with severity level with messages, probably some sort of report can be generated instead of the daily summary for supplementary.

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heze54Author Commented:
Nice post!!!

Nice info!!
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