VBS run command error when program denied in GPO

Well the subject pretty much nails it: I have a .vbs script that sends an email and then at the end has this line:
CreateObject("WScript.Shell").Run("""my program.exe""")

This script works great EXCEPT for when the logged-in user has this program denied in group policy; when that is the case the user gets an error:
Source: (null)

And then never gets the standard windows "This program has been denied by policy" window. The program does not start (it shouldn't) but then every-single-user-who-does-this comes and tells me there is an error... :(

I understand that the GPO denial is throwing the vbs error, but is there a way to allow the system error to be displayed instead? or maybe a custom error message from  the vbs script? I am not a vbs guy, just making good use of a simple fix...
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Add this to your VBS file to conceal errors:

On Error Resume Next

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As well as just swallowing the error silently with an
On Error Resume Next
you need to detect the error immediately after attempting the command using
If Err.Number <> 0 Then
You could then do whatever type of alert you want.
The MsgBox command will pop up a message and wait indefinitely.
Alternatively use  objWshShell.Popup to display a messagebox for a fixed period of time before closing it automatically.  objWshShell being created with WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell").
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