1997 Nissan Maxima A32 Starting problems


I have a 1997 Nissan Maxima A32 and during traffic(usually at a standstill )  it was just shutting off , no rev abnormalities when it was happening.
After it would shut off it would take a fair few tries at turning the ignition/or time to get the engine running again . This happened over the course of two weeks until the engine would no longer start.

When trying to start vehicle again the engine would turn over ( no clicking ) but just would not start and eventually this would drain the battery.

We have also tried it with a different battery with the same results.

Any idea what this could be?

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Enabbar OcapCommented:
The symptoms you have described would happen if you simply ran out of fuel.
Can you say what checks you have done to narrow this down a bit?
Possibly water in the fuel? Or other sludge blocking the fuel supply? This is an 'older' car and has had enough time to collect some muck in the fuel tank which can be shaken up if refuelling on an unusually empty tank.
Did you check for a spark at the plugs? Or is is diesel? My car refused to start intermittently at first then permanently (outside and after a job interview when I had to be towed away, I didn't get the job), turned out to be an anti theft Syston that wasn't recognising my key any longer.
Please say what you have checked already
Enabbar OcapCommented:
*anti theft system

My phone autocorrupts for me.
"After it would shut off it would take a fair few tries at turning the ignition/or time to get the engine running again"

This indicates a fuel (gas) inefficiency.
Replace the fuel filter as it is likely blocked.
The next step would be to suspect the fuel pump.
A very poor battery may also be the cause ( low voltage can cause an engine to stall ... if at night when lights were on did it stall more often indicating a bad battery? )
If it was running fine at high throttle and RPM then the plugs and fuel injectors should be fine but cannot be ruled out as the cause.
Suggest authorized Nissan garage service if a simple D.I.Y. fuel filter replacement does not solve the fuel (gas) inefficiency.

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Tiger858Author Commented:
Will try replacing both the pump and filter thank you.
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