Help needed in moving company file store to Office 365 Team Site

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I have a folder shared on our server which users access by way of a mapped network drive.

I am trying to move this single file store into the companies new team site in Office 365,

The company has 5 user account on O365 Business Essentials.

I have set up One Drive for Business application on the server - I am using the main administrator users account to sync the folder up to sharepoint Team Site. The sync starts fine and the sync process starts but it all stops after uploading 0.98 GB. I then get the message that I have run out of space. I have about 9GB to upload in total.

Why is it saying that I have run out of space when I thought I should have enough space to cover my needs.

Perhaps I'm doing this all wrong but I could do with some advice here.
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Check your site collection storage in the SharePoint Online admin center. There's a nasty bug with the automatic quota management currently which might result in your SCs ending up with only .98GB associated storage. Which seems to be what's happening in your case as well.

If you are on the O365 Yammer network, you can get some more info in this thread:
Sharepoint Admin Centre --> Settings --> Site Collection Storage Management --> MANUAL

I then manually set the quota on the particular collection to something more appropriate.

The upload is now continuing onwards beyond 0.98GB.

Thanks again Vasil


just detailing what I actually did here

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