Great Plains Posting a manual check payment

We had to cut manual checks due to our check printer being out of commission. The checks are assigned to individual batches. When I try to post, the message says "cannot post. the Transaction is assigned to a batch."  What am I doing wrong?
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Steve EndowMicrosoft MVP - Dynamics GPCommented:

When a transaction has a value in the Batch ID field (i.e. it is assigned to a batch), Dynamics GP requires that you post the batch, and will not allow you to post the individual transaction from the transaction entry window.

If you have several transactions in the batch, you can open the Payables Batch Entry window and click Post.

If you wish to post the individual transaction(s), you can simply remove the value from the batch ID field and then click Post.

Please note that if you post the transactions individually, it may result in GL entries being created and not posted through.  So you may want to check for GL batches if you do post the individual transactions.

Please let me know if that answered your question.


Steve Endow
Microsoft MVP - Dynamics GP
Dynamics GP Certified IT Professional
pstreAuthor Commented:
I think that's the problem.  AP entered a single TRX within several batches.  What window do I remove the batch id from?
Steve EndowMicrosoft MVP - Dynamics GPCommented:
If you want to post all of the transactions and they are all in separate batches, the easiest option is to probably use the Series Post window.

It is under Transactions -> Purchasing -> Series Post.  You can then select each batch that you want posted and post them in bulk.

Let me know if that works.

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pstreAuthor Commented:
What window do I need to remove the batch id from?
Steve EndowMicrosoft MVP - Dynamics GPCommented:
If the transactions are PM Manual Payments, you would open Transactions -> Purchasing -> Manual Payments.

You would then open one of the transactions, clear the value in the Batch ID field, then click Post.  (Note that if you remove the batch ID field value, the transaction cannot be saved--all of the transactions must have a batch ID if you wish to save them.)

But if you are going to post the transactions, and you know which batches they are in, you can just go ahead and post the batches.  Unless there are transactions in the batches that you do NOT want to post, I don't think there is any value in removing the batch ID from the transactions before posting.  It is easier to post the batches from the Series Post window.

Let me know if that makes sense.

pstreAuthor Commented:
I had to get our GP Partner to walk me through the details.  These answers above didn't resolve the issues

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pstreAuthor Commented:
What was in the answer didn't help so I reached out to our GP partner.
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