java program

I have to write a java program that calculates sales commission. the sales people receive  $200 per week plus 9% of their gross sales.  We were supplied item 1 239.99, item 2 129.75, item 3 99.95, item 4 350.89.

The java program has to calculate and display earnings of one sales person. there is no limit to the number of items sold
I have been able to successfully increment the counter but I cannot get total earnings to display. Here is my code.

import java.util.Scanner; //program uses class Scanner

public class SalesCommission
      //main method begins execution of Java application
      public static void main(String[] args)
            double pay = 0.0;
            double earnings;
            int ItemCounter = 0; // initialize # of items to be entered next
            int AmountSold;
            // create a Scanner to obtain input from the command window
                        Scanner input = new Scanner(;
            while (ItemCounter < 4) // loop 4 times
                  ItemCounter ++; // increment counter by 1
                  System.out.print(" Enter amount sold of item  #" + ItemCounter + ":");
                  AmountSold = input.nextInt(); // input next amount sold
            if ( ItemCounter == 1 )
                  pay += AmountSold * 239.99;
            else if ( ItemCounter == 2 )
                  pay += AmountSold * 129.75;
            else if ( ItemCounter == 3 )
                  pay += AmountSold * 99.95;
            else if ( ItemCounter == 4 )
                  pay += AmountSold * 350.89;
            } // end while
            earnings = 0.09 * pay + 200;
            System.out.printf("%nAmount of salesperson pay for the week %d ", (earnings) );

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Change the line

 System.out.printf("%nAmount of salesperson pay for the week %d ", (earnings) );


 System.out.printf("%nAmount of salesperson pay for the week %f ", (earnings) );

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Rhiaanon44Author Commented:
Great it worked perfectly.
Consider using double[] for your multiplier
Also, variable names in Java begin lower case and are in camel case
Rhiaanon44Author Commented:
Thank you CEHJ!
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