Secure file access

I realise that if a file (e.g. a PDF) is sitting on a server (apache Linux) and i share the link to it's location - you can effectively access/download it with out any extra security.

Is there anyway (perhaps with a php session) to prevent viewing or accessing a file unless the php session is active?
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Ray PaseurCommented:
Yes.  This article shows how to secure a web page, using PHP client authentication.  It uses the PHP session.

The files you want to secure need to be placed in a directory that is not "browsable."  Such a directory might be placed somewhere outside of the web root directory tree.  The directory will be usable by PHP scripts, but will not be accessible via a URL.  The directory structure will look something like this.  The public_html is the web root, and URLs are resolvable there.  Since the secret directory is not in the web root directory tree, there can be no URLs that point to the files.  The PHP scripts running in public_html can access the secret directory with notation like ../secret/
|_ secret
|_ public_html
   |_ index.php
   |_ images
   |_ {etc...}

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There is the matter of coordinating which clients are allowed to access which files in a secret directory like this one.  That is probably best handled via a database table that associates client ids with the file paths into the secret directory.  The PHP script that allows access to secret first checks to see that the client is logged in (using the access_control() function or similar), then checks the database table to see which files are associated with this particular client.

The PHP script that allows access to secret can use readfile() or similar functionality to present the files to the authorized clients.

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dev09Author Commented:
Thanks, perfect answer!
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