How can I post a wide photo on Facebook?

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Client would like to post a large photo on Facebook - about 1800 pixels wide by 3700 high. Preferably in the Life Event section, as part of a group of photos viewed in series. The other photos won't be as large.

Can this be done, and how?

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I believe there are size limits but more importantly, Facebook will scale the display to what fits in that place on the page.  However, I have downloaded photos from Facebook that were much larger than what was displayed.

I would just try it and see if Facebook accepts it.  It will never be displayed at full size.
Even photos in my Albums are crushed to>style="width: 920px; height: 690px;
Only my cover photo is a bit bigger but when viewed it falls into the above.
My Facebook is personal and possibly Facebook has different versions
If it helps
Master Guide: All Facebook Image Dimensions and Ad Specs [2015]

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