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Azure - Port Forwarding

Hi Azure Experts

I'm trying to set up Port Forwarding and it isn't working very well. I want port 25565 to be available from public internet.

I have setup the Endpoint in the VM:
User generated imageI have created this Endpoint while the VM was powered off. Booted up the VM and added port 25565 to the Windows Firewall Inbound Rules but I'm getting "Port 25565 is closed on MYEXTERNALIP" when using - its worth nothing that if I test the Remote Desktop port it on the same YouGetSignal site it says its open.

I have put the VM into my one Network on Azure.

Any suggestions would be great.
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Hi again

I have managed to setup the ILPIP and ReservedIP. The AzureService has that IP and the VM is under that Service. I can shut down the VM and bring it back and it keeps using the same ILPIP.

The Endpoints have been setup as follows:
60088 - RDP: Works fine
5986- PowerShell: Works fine
25565 - My App: still reports the port as not being open!!!

I have added that port to the firewall on the VM

Any ideas?

As a test i disable the Windows OS Firewall and yougetsignal is still reporting that 25565 is still not open.


Sorted it. It was the Windows Firewall rule not being correct!!