compare one row with the next row


I have a query like this:


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i need to add an additional column that have too posible results: valid, invalid.

The results depends the on a comparison between the actual line and the next line. For example: suppose that I have a row that the LINE2 value is CAR and the next row the LINE1 value is CAR. Then this additional column value will be valid, else is invalid. The comparison that i need is for each line compare any column value from this line to any column value on the next line, then evaluate and set the value of the additional column
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Mike EghtebasDatabase and Application DeveloperCommented:
One option is Lead/TSQL or Lead/PSQL

My response is not complete because your question is incomplete also.

- Provide TSQL or PSQL code to create a test table. Identify version whether it is Oracle ot SQL Server you are using.
joyacv2Author Commented:

I am using Oracle 10
Mike EghtebasDatabase and Application DeveloperCommented:
Sorry, I do not have Oracle to test it. And, I am not that good to post solution without testing it.
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joyacv2Author Commented:
can you test in your database?
Mike EghtebasDatabase and Application DeveloperCommented:
I have sql server. And Lead is available in version 12 and up.  I can do with cte fto work with any other versins (without Lead) but still cte is for SQL Server only I guess.

I could try derived table (inline view). But you need to give tsql for test table with some sample data.

slightwv (䄆 Netminder) Commented:
LEAD and CTE should work the same in Oracle as it does with SQL Server.  At least it will be very close.

Can you post some sample data and expected results so we can provide tested SQL?
joyacv2Author Commented:
sorry, i dont have any test data
Mike EghtebasDatabase and Application DeveloperCommented:

Thank you for the info.

Read the first row into variables
Then step through the database one row at a time, updating the variables after each comparison

Select all records into temp table

  load values of row into variables
  goto next row Select statement
   if like
        set value
       do not set
end of Loop
Mike EghtebasDatabase and Application DeveloperCommented:
re:> sorry, i dont have any test data

Make some.
slightwv (䄆 Netminder) Commented:
>>Then step through the database one row at a time, updating the variables after each comparison

This likely isn't necessary.

>>sorry, i dont have any test data

Agreed.  Just make up a test case that has raw sample data and the expected results.

Given you sample SQL, here is what I threw together.  I doubt it is correct so please add data to it to show what it is you need.

drop table tab1 purge;
create table tab1( line1 varchar2(5), line2 varchar2(5), date_start date);

insert into tab1 values('BOB','CAR', to_date('01/01/2015','MM/DD/YYYY'));
insert into tab1 values('CAR','BOB', to_date('01/02/2015','MM/DD/YYYY'));
insert into tab1 values('BOB','CAR', to_date('01/03/2015','MM/DD/YYYY'));

select line1, line2, next_line1, case when line2=next_line1 then 'valid' else 'invalid' end check_it
from (
	select line1, line2, lead(line1) over(order by date_start) next_line1
	from tab1

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The results from the test:
----- ----- ----- -------
BOB   CAR   CAR   valid
CAR   BOB   BOB   valid
BOB   CAR         invalid

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joyacv2Author Commented:
perfect!!!! works excellent!
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