this is a specific samsung galaxy s3 boost mobile question

does samsung galaxy s3 for android boost mobile provider have a sim card

if so
please show a picture so I can locate

please do not tell me to open my phone and guess
or tell me what a general sim card looks like

this is a specific samsung galaxy s3 boost mobile question not a general sim card question
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"does samsung galaxy s3 for android boost mobile provider have a sim card"
Yes, all modern mobile phones have a sim card.

Still looking for a picture...not that it is needed.
The sim card is located under the removable back cover below the lithium battery on the right side when looking at the battery.
The sim card has sim card printed on it in clear view.
Found a youtube to show it:
rgb192Author Commented:
I saw on youtube video you suggested that there are two cards
sim card and micro sd card

my phone only has micro sd card
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The phone must have a sim card to connect to your (Isp)   
Mobile phone service provider.

The micro sd card is only an extension of the phones built in memory.

"does samsung galaxy s3 for android boost mobile provider have a sim card"
Yes it needs a SIM card supplied by the Mobile phone service provider to connect through their Mobile phone service.
If it is without a SIM card, then you can get a SIM card when you contract a phone / data  plan with a Mobile phone service in your area.
rgb192Author Commented:
but I can not see sim card.
maybe hidden from me
under motherboard
SIM is i plane view under the plastic cover or hidden under the battery...
Pleases check again..,Regards Michael.
rgb192Author Commented:
not hidden under battery
rgb192Author Commented:
what do you think I should do?
RobOwner (Aidellio)Commented:
Take a photo of the back with the cover off like I just did with my Samsung galaxy s3. I've highlighted where my SIM is and I'd like to see yours.

rgb192Author Commented:
my phone looks like yours but there is only one sim looking area instead of two

and that is for memory card
RobOwner (Aidellio)Commented:
Did you take out the battery?
rgb192Author Commented:
yes I took out battery and there is no additional sim card/ memory card slot
After further research, it appears you have a CDMA network Galaxy S3 phone which do not have a removable sim card as do the GSM network phones.
You can only use this phone with the carrier that supplied it, e.g. Boost Mobile.
Jackie ManIT ManagerCommented:
Boost Mobile uses the 3G CDMA network of Sprint.

You can change to Sprint-based carrier only.

The difference between CDMA and GSM (which uses SIM card) network in the link below.

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Jackie ManIT ManagerCommented:
The spec of your Samsung S3 is listed in the link below.
rgb192Author Commented:
The spec of your Samsung S3 is listed in the link below.

This is a different phone made for sprint
rgb192Author Commented:
gsm versus cdma is the complete answer to my question
Thanks for the tutorial.
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