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We have SBS 2008 on premises.  One of our Line Of Business applications has the capability to create marketing campaigns and send emails to multiple clients through our Exchange server.  There could be up to 1000 emails going in one batch and this could be 2 or 3 times per month.  

I have been warned that this may cause our server to be blacklisted as a source of SPAM.  Is there any way I can prevent this from happening? I have full access to our domain DNS records and can make changes as necessary but I want to know if this is feasible.
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Don't want to be marked as a spammer then don't send spam. Make sure that your marketing emails are via an OPT-IN process with a clearly located way of opting out in the message.. 'Don't want these, click here to unsubscribe'


This wont be unsolicited email.  Anyone on the database has given their email address freely and has ticked a box on the customer form stating that they allow us to send offers and news updates to their address so they have opted in.  We will also include a specific opt-out section on any email we send.

So my question is, is it likely, due to the volume of emails we will send in one go, that we will be automatically marked as spammers by any 3rd party e.g ISP, Spamhaus etc. and if so, is there any way to mitigate this possibility by any specific method?

The volume of email will not cause it to me marked as spam, however if a few users report it back as being spam it may be.  You can help minimise this by ensuring your infrastructure and the message don't flag to many things.  Make sure you have proper PTR and SPF records in place, consider DKIM, and check your content with an online spam meter thingy. This one is not bad:


Another alternative is to use a specialised mailer app to sent newsletter, these are designed for that purpose, and work better than Exchange. If you have more than one IP, it can send from that. MailThemPro has worked well for me.


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