Windows HyperV Server 2012 Core and HyperV Server Hypervisor

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I have been looking and I have not found a definitive answer to this question.
HyperV may be installed in 3 different manners
1) HyperV Core, no GUI, no license
2) HyperV Server with GUI (full server 2012 install, requires license)
3) HyperV Core, minimal install (have to install GUI version and then "back off" GUI

Now I am told that there is a version called Hypervisor, free, no license. Named Hyper-V Server 2012. Is this the same as core? I installed core and there is no GUI. You have to run Sconfig to make changes to Server Core.

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That's because your #1 is wrong. 2012 core requires a license be purchased (not free) even without a GUI. Any install using foundation, essentials, standard, or datacenter media, whether core or full GUI requires a license.

Hyper-V Server 2012 is unique in that its license is free (but it still has a license) and is functionally similar to standard/datacenter core install (no GUI) with the added limitation that the GUI features cannot be installed via command-line nor can other roles.


Thanks for the clarification.

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