Speech (voice) files play back at wrong bit rate

I have a new MSI GS60 running Win10 (as of today), but I first noticed the problem running the machine's native Win 8.1. When I try text to speech playback, the voices sound like Donald Duck, even when using "Narrator" in the Ease of use control panel. This is NOT speed of the speech, but distortion of the voice itself as in double the bit-rate, for example. I have used the native trouble shooters for sound, playback, etc. without success and have spent several hours searching the net for solutions. I found others with this problem dating back to the XP era, but none of the proposed solutions have worked for me. I had hoped it would go away with a Win10 upgrade, but no luck. I ran SFC /scannow, which found and corrected a couple of files, again without success. When I tried to set up Speech Recognition, I had been getting the message, "The Wizard could not launch", however that seems to have disappeared, yet the problem remains. I hope that I don't have a hardware problem, so I'll be grateful for any ideas that might lead to a solution. By the way, music plays back fine in MP3 format & .wav format. I have a 64 bit system, 16 Gb memory & x64-based processor (i7).
Ward DeWittAdministratorAsked:
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To test that is a hardware problem, you should try 2-3 different software recorders and eventually an external microphone.
For example there is Sound Recorder:
But try free Audacity:

Check that you have the latest audio drivers.
Could you give more details about your MSI GS60? Processor, type, serial number?
Is it this one?
Ward DeWittAdministratorAuthor Commented:
Guten Tag, Viki2000. I love your country.
Thanks for getting back to me so soon and thanks to you, I downloaded Audacity. You identified my machine correctly as well, so, again, thanks. My problem was not with recorded voices, but with "built-in" voices also such as those by Microsoft. It was as if the speaker had just inhaled helium. Now, the great part. I turned off my computer overnight and lo and behold, voila! This morning all is well as it should be. Furthermore two more devices show up under the sound icon in the control panel. I have no idea why that is so, since the machine restarted several times during the Win10 install. I guess it had to completely power off to make it happen. In any case, my problem solved itself. I appreciate your input and your attention to my question. Thanks, again. Ciao!

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Ward DeWittAdministratorAuthor Commented:
Perhaps my explanation of my issue was not as clear as it should have been, especially for someone who uses English as a second language, but the comments made by my expert seemed off the mark a bit. Having said that, we barely got started, so I didn't really get to assess her expertise. She did, however, reintroduce me to Audacity, which should be of great value to me. I appreciate her input.
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