Message at Windows 8.1 startup

I am getting the following message from Explorer.exe every time i switch on my laptop running on Windows 8.1
McAfee dosen't detect any virus on my laptop.

How do i check what it is?
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If there is a registey entry named load delete it. That should clear the message after a reboot.
Actually there are many many more things to check what's run during startup. Use MS Technet's Autoruns to check it in more detail:

Watch for any fake explorer thingies (it's trying to pretend to be Explorer.exe, but it's clearly not). Also, it could be just a broken app that's didn't mark as a virus (more of an annoyance), but it could also be a real virus (don't just scan for virusses when Windows is running, also scan for it from USB or CD boot, requires a good virus boot usb/cd obviously, try Avast, Avira, AVG, Bitdefender, COmodo)
Also try opening the command prompt and typing "sfc /scannow".
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i suggest also running this :      

apparently, explorer is running - or you would not have the desktop
gram77Author Commented:
I realized this message comes when i tether my cellphone to my laptop running on windows8.1
This is conflicting with your original post. Does it appear EVERY TIME you start your laptop?
Or only appears right after you connect your cellphone?
Or both.
Does it appear when you start your laptop WITHOUT the phone connected?

If it's every time you connect your phone (and it's always the Samsung phone), uninstall KIES, and see how the laptop behaves after that (restart, connect phone, etc). If it behaves normally now, reinstall KIES (download the newest version from the Samsung website)
gram77Author Commented:
I am getting a permissions error while removing load entry from the below regedit folder. Even though i open regedit as an administrator.

Actually, it's now pointing at the executable, and getting rid of the files is more important than the registry.
Am I correct to assume you DIDN'T follow my advice to SCAN the laptop OUTSIDE windows (use boot usb/dvd from reputatble virus vendor, there are free ones also like Avira, AVG etc)?
That's because something loaded from c:\programdata\mskernel.exe is DEFINITELY not something you want. Even if it's not a virus, it's something that doesn't belong there and should be removed. After that, you can probably edit the registry entry (most viruses are smart enough that when they're still active, to readjust the entry after you edited it).

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To delete the file in the registry you may have to give yourself permissions. You can do this on the folder from within regedit
gram77Author Commented:
I have created a AVG rescue USB flash disk using help from :

AVG rescue CD is available to download from :

Once i restart my windows 8.1 using Flash drive containing the AVG rescue CD

Here is how i reboot with USB flash drive attached:
Settings --> Change PC Settings --> Update And Recovery --> Recovery -->  Advanced startup (Startup from a device or disc such as USB drive or DVD)

My laptop boots, but shows: unable to detect a operating system.

However, i expect is this:
probably you did not create it correct -  it works fine - i have used it
so retry from start : download it again and recreate it
If your laptop is in EUFI boot mode, it won't boot correctly indeed. You need to enable legacy/CSM boot options and disable Secure boot before normal USB boot can continue (don't worry, you can set the settings back so that Windows still works after you're done).
gram77Author Commented:
I am not able to boot from USB.
I don't get my 8 GB Pen drive listed in the list of USB devices as in shown in the files below.

Use a device:
Use a USB drive, network connection or windows recovery DVD.

Use a device:
EFI USB Device (This is the only device listing i have)
what pc is this?  model plse !
gram77Author Commented:
Laptop Model: Sony VAIO SVT13126CN
As i said, try to boot to BIOS to change some settings, don't let Windows decide for you.
did you follow this method? from :
Using the RAR/ZIP archive to create a USB bootable device

To create a USB flash drive variant of AVG Rescue CD, you will need to do the following:
Extract the archive downloaded from AVG web directly on the removable USB flash drive. It has to be extracted in the root folder of the disk - do not use a subfolder.
Run the extracted makeboot.bat batch file. When started it will overwrite the boot record. Make sure you are using the desired USB flash drive, otherwise it can make your Windows un-bootable!
In the opened window press any key to prepare the USB flash drive.
After this process is finished (message will be displayed) you can close the window.
gram77Author Commented:
The above doc is old and absolete.

The AVG Rescue CD for USB is available in:

Also it doesn't have any file like makeboot.bat but has setup.exe
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