Run Lync 2013 with a single IP Address?

I have Microsoft Lync 2013 installed an working on the front end server.  All is well.  Recently there has been a requirement to have Android and iPhone versions of Lync working.  I've configured a Reverse Proxy server.

However, what I've discovered is that Lync requires port 80 and 443 to be directed to the Reverse Proxy server.  Since we have only one static IP, and no possibility of another static IP, is there anything else that can be done?  I'm already using 80 and 443 for the Exchange server.

I'm looking into these static IP VPN services, but unsure how well they work.

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Cliff GaliherCommented:
You can, in theory, run your exchange connections through the reverse proxy as well. Good reverse proxies can proxy to multiple back-end servers based on the URL requested. This does require that the reverse proxy be configured with a UCC/SAN certificate with both your exchange a d Lync web services. It wouldn't be my prefered configuration, but it'd technically work.

IP VPNs are poorly suited to this task for a variety of reasons. Don't bother.
encoadAuthor Commented:
Hi Cliff,

Thank your for the informative suggestion.  I already have the SAN certificate.  Is there any reason I can't do as you suggest?  Why is it not your preferred configuration?

I've only got 5 Lync Android users, is the IP VPN stiff a poor choice?  Working "most of the time", is better then "we don't offer this service".

Cliff GaliherCommented:
It all depends on your reverse proxy whether you can or can't. Some support it well, some don't. As to why I don't prefer it, it puts more work on the reverse proxy and adds latency. Especially for Lync, that can have an adverse effect on performance. Audio/video will likely suffer.

Yes, IP VPN is universally a bad choice, no matter how few users. It wasn't meant to solve this kind of problem and therefore doesn't offer any functionality a good reverse proxy doesn't offer, and often cannot be configured to properly differentiate traffic wt all thus making the whole implementation fall apart.
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@Cliff: If we use ARR and external certificate with SAN entries how would we make it work?- No Edge server deployed in topology. OWA Published with HTTPS URL pointing to External IP, Same goes with Lyncdiscover and other DNS records.

Any good link you can point i would be grateful.
encoadAuthor Commented:
Hi Cliff,

Ahmad is my Lync Expert who has joined the conversations.  Audio/Video is not a big concern.  Chat will suffice for remote users.

Got it, no VPN IP option for RP.  What if I use the VPN IP for Exchange 80 and 443?  We have limited webmail clients.
Cliff GaliherCommented:
This blog post covers configuring exchange and lynch through ARR.

And I've already answered the IP VPN question. Twice.

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