Looking for advice using APC PowerChute Network Shutdown

Hi all,

I am looking for some advice on the best way to configure and use APC PowerChute Network Shutdown to gracefully shutdown our server's in the event of a loss of power.

First let me describe our set up....

We have:
6 x APC UPS's (with network cards)
6 x Physical Servers
(approx) 40 x Virtual Servers (VMWare)

I have been reading about the possible integration into vSphere for the virtual servers but I think to begin with I want to keep it simple and not integrate it.

I have installed Network Shutdown on one of my physical servers and linked one UPS so that I can have a look at it.  I am struggling however to find a decent user/setup guide.

Is it just a case of writing command files to trigger at the start of a particularity event?

For example:

***Power cut = UPS on battery***

 >>  This triggers a command file to be executed (with a delay of 60 seconds)

shutdown -s -f -m \\SERVER1 -t 60 -c "Shutting down due to loss of power. Save work and close apps."
shutdown -s -f -m \\SERVER2 -t 60 -c "Shutting down due to loss of power. Save work and close apps."
shutdown -s -f -m \\SERVER3 -t 60 -c "Shutting down due to loss of power. Save work and close apps."

Is it as simple as that?  Or am I missing something?
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Do you have the most current version

It looks like it can do it all for you
fieldjAuthor Commented:
Yes, I have the latest version.  I am more looking more help with the best way to implement it.
yes it is as simple as that.
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fieldjAuthor Commented:
So I presume that if I set a "delay of 60 seconds", the script wont execute if normal power is restored before 60 seconds?

I am a little bit worried that as soon as power is lost, the command is executed with a delay of 60 seconds and that the script will still start shutting down servers even if the power is restored in the mean time.

Can you confirm please?
fieldjAuthor Commented:
And also, if it really is 'as simple as that', can you explain what he point of having more than one powerchute agent?

the intention of multiple agents is the ability to install the agent on multiple servers and apply different settings to them all.
Many people don't bother with the complication and just do a script as you are considering. There are pros & cons to both options, but multiple agents is more controllable.

with regard to the script, it looks like it should work, but there is no way the shutdown command can react if the power comes back on before it shuts down so it's a one way road.

you can specify the battery level that triggers the command though, so that's probably the best place to start, If you estimate how long the servers need to shut down (eg 15 mins) and work out the runtime of the UPS, you could calculate the point at which you feel a shutdown is the safest option (eg at 70% battery)

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