Error installing SQL Express

I'm on Windows 10.
I'm tryinmg to install SQL Server Express 2014 64 bit. After downloading and running the setup I get this error:
How do I fix this?

TITLE: SQL Server Setup failure.

SQL Server Setup has encountered the following error:

The directory name is invalid.
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Deepak ChauhanSQL Server DBACommented:
1. Is the installation prior to this has been failed on same system?

2. Check if sql server service has been installed during this installation, if service has installed change the service account to NT Authority\System and try to start sql server service.

3. If no luck then completely remove sql components from ADD Remove program and Rerun the setup as Administrator. Set the service account NT Authority\System.
Jess31Author Commented:
I don't know if there were attempts prior to this. But I have tried this a few times today.

How can I know if the SQL Server Service has been installed during this installation attempt?
Vitor MontalvãoMSSQL Senior EngineerCommented:
Check the log for a better error message. The logs are in  %programfiles%\MicrosoftSQL Server\120\Setup Bootstrap\Log\
Summary.txt is a good file to start to search for errors.
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Jess31Author Commented:
Here is what the summary txt gives me for the error:
Exception summary:
The following is an exception stack listing the exceptions in outermost to innermost order
Inner exceptions are being indented

Exception type: System.ComponentModel.Win32Exception
        The directory name is invalid
    HResult : 0x80004005
    Error : 267
      HelpLink.EvtType = 0xCEC86A55@0xDC80C325
      DisableWatson = true
        at System.Diagnostics.Process.StartWithCreateProcess(ProcessStartInfo startInfo)
        at System.Diagnostics.Process.Start(ProcessStartInfo startInfo)
        at Microsoft.SqlServer.Configuration.UIExtension.LandingPageAction.ExecuteAction(String actionId)
        at Microsoft.SqlServer.Chainer.Infrastructure.Action.Execute(String actionId, TextWriter errorStream)
        at Microsoft.SqlServer.Setup.Chainer.Workflow.ActionInvocation.<>c__DisplayClasse.<ExecuteActionWithRetryHelper>b__b()
        at Microsoft.SqlServer.Setup.Chainer.Workflow.ActionInvocation.ExecuteActionHelper(ActionWorker workerDelegate)
Vitor MontalvãoMSSQL Senior EngineerCommented:
The same message: "The directory name is invalid"

Which directory did you give for the installation path?
Also, you need to have write permissions on it.
Deepak ChauhanSQL Server DBACommented:
@How can I know if the SQL Server Service has been installed during this installation attempt?

You can check it in services.msc page.

Or check the sql server configuration manager.

You can open SQL server configuration manager from windows start menu > Microsoft SQL server 2014 >
Configuration Tool folder.

If sql server services installed these will be visible here else not.

Other option :: Remove SQL server completely from Add Remove program and Reinstall SQL server by right click on setup.exe and RUN as Administrator.

Set the service account as I explained in First post.

Or You can try to repair the installation.

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Jess31Author Commented:
In SQL Server Configuration Manager
SQL Server Services

SQL Server is running

SQL Server Browser and Server Agent both are not (says Stopped under State).
This is on the computer where everything seems fine, accessing the Server, etc.

Do I need to remove and uninstall on this computer? Or do I need to install something on the other computer on which I don't see ANY SQL Services running?
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