Server raid 10 vs raid 2x raid 1

Hello there.

i need to deploy 3 windows servers and have 4 300gb 10k sas disks.

my question is:
what is best one raid 10 with all 4 disk (600gb - server1:150 gb server2:150 gb server3: 300 gb)
or 2 x raid 1 2x 300gb ( server1: 150 gb on first raid one server2: 150 gb on first raid one and server3: 300 gb on second raid 1 )

Server 3 need more space and maybe a little more speed on disk ( terminal server )

Hope you can help :-)

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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Your question is very confusing.

You have 3 Windows Servers but only 4 hard drives?

And you want to do RAID 10 or RAID 1?  With only 4 hard drives, you can have ONE server with RAID 1 and the other two have no RAID which is a REALLY bad idea.
nova-cAuthor Commented:
:-)  i'll try to explain it a little better :-)

so i need to deplay 3 virtual servers, and i have a total og 4 harddrive

scenario 1:
i'll take all 4 disk and make them raid 10 that makes a total og 600 gb storage
150 gb to server1
150 gb to server2
300 gb to server3

scenario 2:
i'll take 2 x 300gb disk i in raid 1 and another 2 x 300gb disk in raid 1, so 2 x 300gb raid 1 drives total 600gb
150 gb from first raid to server1
150 gb from first raid to server2
300 gb from second raid to server3

hope that is better :-)
Surranoapplication managerCommented:
If you need dedicated performance then split them.
If you prefer flexibility then do a raid10 or even raid5 if you can afford.

Later on, adding new disks to raid10. or raid5 is piece of cake while in split config you have to decide which raid1 to extend into raid10 or raid5.
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madunix (Fadi SODAH)Chief Information Security Officer Commented:
High Write Performance + High Fault Tolerance Required: RAID10
Minimal Write Performance Required + Good Fault Tolerance: RAID6
Good Performance + Minimal Fault Tolerance Required = RAID5
nova-cAuthor Commented:
Thx alot

i think i'll use 1 x raid10 if oyu think the speed is ok on that for 3 windows servers ?
Surranoapplication managerCommented:
As I wrote if you need dedicated perf for server 3 then go for two separate mirrors.
Otherwise, go for a single stripe-mirroring.
In the latter case, if you have a virtualisation platform like VMware ESXi and not standalone VMs like three VMware players in a host OS then the hypervisor will take care about the I/O optimisation. (at least it *cough* should *cough*)

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