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I had 2 servers.  One Windows 2003 and one windows 2008 R2.  The windows 2003 server was managing users.  I thought I proceeded correctly to remove it from the network.

The old Windows 2003 server is no longer available

I am having a problem where I need to reset the password of a user.  The user is not visible in the Active Driectory > Users.  I can see the user with DSQUERY USER, but that Is all.

When I try dsmod user for the password (-pwd) I get object not found.
When I try to add the user in Active Directory, it already exists.

Can anyone help me figure out how to resolve this AD issue??

I need to be able to see all the users, so I can manage them.  How can I import my users in the Admin Tools > Active Directory > Users and Computers so that I can edit them?
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When I run netdom query fsmo, it shows my current Windows 2008 R2 DC as managing everything.  There is no reference to the old 2003 DC.


Also when I look in AD at Security Groups, domain users and check who the members are, I can also see all of the old users.
Will SzymkowskiSenior Solution Architect
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There seems like there is/was some sort of AD replication issue.

use the following commands below...
repadmin /replsum
repadmin /showrepl
repadmin /bridgeheads
DCDiag /v

I would alo check the Active Directory Directory Service Logs as well.

My apologies.  I found that all of my users were transferred to the new server's AD.  They were simply in a group under SBS Users that I had previously not checked.


Figured out my problem on my own.  There was no problem.  I was not looking in the correct group

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