VBA include variable in vlookup

I am having trouble including the variable    ratesh1
The code is long, but it is a repeat of

I have tried with INDIRECT and not.
I get #NAME?

Can anyone help?

Sub Calc_New_Rates()
#If VBA7 And Win64 Then
    Dim lngLastRowD As Longlong
    Dim ratesh1 As String
    Dim ratesh2 As String
    Dim lngLastRowD As Long
    Dim ratesh1 As String
    Dim ratesh2 As String
#End If

Application.Calculation = xlCalculationManual
   Application.ScreenUpdating = False
With Sheets("Detail")
   ratesh1 = Sheets("Selection").Range("B11")
   ratesh2 = Sheets("Selection").Range("B12")
lngLastRowD = Sheets("Detail").Range("A800000").End(xlUp).Row

.Range("X2:X" & lngLastRowD).Formula = "=IF(OR($A2={""FO"",""PO"",""SO"",""E2AM"",""E2"",""ESP""}),VLOOKUP($P2,'Dom Ex'!$A$3:$AP$2000,40,FALSE)," & _
"IF(OR($A2={""GR"",""HD"",""PRP""}),VLOOKUP($P2,Ground!$A$3:$AP$2000,40,FALSE),IF(OR($A2={""F1"",""F2"",""F3""}), " & _
"VLOOKUP(151,""DOM_""&$A2&""_MIN_""&ratesh1,Detail!$L2,FALSE),IF(AND($A2=""IP"",$B2=""Letter"",$J2=""PR"",$K2=""EXPORT"")," & _
"VLOOKUP(1,""IP_EX_PR_L_""&ratesh1,2,FALSE),IF(AND($A2=""IP"",$B2=""Box"",$J2=""PR"",$K2=""EXPORT""), " & _
"VLOOKUP(1,""IP_EX_PR_""&ratesh1,2,FALSE),IF(AND($A2=""IE"",$J2=""PR"",$K2=""EXPORT""),VLOOKUP(1,""IE_EX_PR_""&ratesh1,2,FALSE), " & _
"IF(AND($A2=""IP"",$K2=""EXPORT"",$B2=""Letter""),VLOOKUP(1,""IP_EX_MIN_""&ratesh1,$L2,FALSE),IF(AND($A2=""IP"",$K2=""EXPORT"",$B2=""Pak""), " & _
"VLOOKUP(2,""IP_EX_MIN_""&ratesh1,$L2,FALSE),IF(AND($A2=""IP"",$K2=""EXPORT"",$B2=""Box""),VLOOKUP(3,""IP_EX_MIN_""&ratesh1,$L2,FALSE), " & _
"IF(AND($A2=""IE"",$K2=""EXPORT""),VLOOKUP(1,""IE_EX_MIN_""&ratesh1,$L2,FALSE),IF(AND($A2=""IP"",$K2=""IMPORT"",$B2=""Letter""), " & _
"VLOOKUP(1,""IP_IMP_MIN_""&ratesh1,$L2,FALSE),IF(AND($A2=""IP"",$K2=""IMPORT"",$B2=""Pak""),VLOOKUP(2,""IP_IMP_MIN_""&ratesh1,$L2,FALSE), " & _
"IF(AND($A2=""IP"",$K2=""IMPORT"",$B2=""Box""),VLOOKUP(3,""IP_IMP_MIN_""&ratesh1,$L2,FALSE),IF(AND($A2=""IE"",$K2 " & _
"=""IMPORT""),VLOOKUP(1,""IE_IMP_MIN_""&ratesh1,$L2,FALSE),IF(AND($A2=""IPF"",$J2=""PR"",$K2=""EXPORT""), " & _
"VLOOKUP(1,""IP_EX_PR_FR_MIN_""&ratesh1,2,FALSE),IF(AND($A2=""IEF"", $J2=""PR"",$K2=""EXPORT""),VLOOKUP(1,""IE_EX_PR_FR_MIN_""&ratesh1,2,FALSE), " & _
"IF(AND($A2=""IPF"", $J2=""PR"",$K2=""IMPORT""),VLOOKUP(1,""IP_IMP_PR_FR_MIN_""&ratesh1,2,FALSE), IF(AND($A2=""IEF"",$J2=""PR"",$K2=""IMPORT""), " & _
"VLOOKUP(1,""IE_IMP_PR_FR_MIN_""&ratesh1,2,FALSE),IF(AND($A2=""IPF"",$K2=""EXPORT""), " & _
"VLOOKUP(151,""IPF_EX_MIN_""&ratesh1,$L2,FALSE),IF(AND($A2=""IEF"",$K2=""EXPORT""),VLOOKUP(151,""IEF_EX_MIN_""&ratesh1,$L2,FALSE), " & _
"IF(AND($A2=""IPF"",$K2=""IMPORT""),VLOOKUP(151,IPF_IMP_MIN,$L2,FALSE),IF(AND($A2=""IEF"",$K2=""IMPORT""), " & _

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ProfessorJimJamMicrosoft Excel ExpertCommented:
you need to create a named range and then use it in formula.

instead of
 ratesh1 = Sheets("Selection").Range("B11")
   ratesh2 = Sheets("Selection").Range("B12")

use this code to create named ranges
 ActiveWorkbook.Names.Add Name:="ratesh2", RefersToR1C1:="=Selection!R12C3"
    ActiveWorkbook.Names.Add Name:="ratesh1", RefersToR1C1:="=Selection!R11C3"

you cannot use defined variable name inside formula.
NorieAnalyst Assistant Commented:
Do you want the values from Selection!B11 and B12 in the formula?

Also, are IP_EX_PR_L_, IP_EX_PR_, IP_EX_MIN_ etc the prefixes for named ranges?
ProfessorJimJamMicrosoft Excel ExpertCommented:
please see attached file and run the macro. it will work.

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Euro5Author Commented:
Yes, the name would be IP_EX_PR_L_2014  or IP_EX_PR_L_2015 or  IP_EX_PR_L_2016
The IP_EX_PR_L_ is the prefix.
NorieAnalyst Assistant Commented:
Can you post an example of a working formula?

This will compile but I'm not sure it will produce the correct formula.
.Range("X2:X" & lngLastRowD).Formula = "=IF(OR($A2={""FO"",""PO"",""SO"",""E2AM"",""E2"",""ESP""}),VLOOKUP($P2,'Dom Ex'!$A$3:$AP$2000,40,FALSE)," & _
"IF(OR($A2={""GR"",""HD"",""PRP""}),VLOOKUP($P2,Ground!$A$3:$AP$2000,40,FALSE),IF(OR($A2={""F1"",""F2"",""F3""}), " & _
"VLOOKUP(151,""DOM_""&$A2&""_MIN_" & ratesh1 & ",Detail!$L2,FALSE),IF(AND($A2=""IP"",$B2=""Letter"",$J2=""PR"",$K2=""EXPORT"")," & _
"VLOOKUP(1,IP_EX_PR_L_" & ratesh1 & ",2,FALSE),IF(AND($A2=""IP"",$B2=""Box"",$J2=""PR"",$K2=""EXPORT""), " & _
"VLOOKUP(1,IP_EX_PR_" & ratesh1 & ",2,FALSE),IF(AND($A2=""IE"",$J2=""PR"",$K2=""EXPORT""),VLOOKUP(1,IE_EX_PR_" & ratesh1 & ",2,FALSE), " & _
"IF(AND($A2=""IP"",$K2=""EXPORT"",$B2=""Letter""),VLOOKUP(1,IP_EX_MIN_" & ratesh1 & ",$L2,FALSE),IF(AND($A2=""IP"",$K2=""EXPORT"",$B2=""Pak""), " & _
"VLOOKUP(2,IP_EX_MIN_" & ratesh1 & ",$L2,FALSE),IF(AND($A2=""IP"",$K2=""EXPORT"",$B2=""Box""),VLOOKUP(3,IP_EX_MIN_" & ratesh1 & ",$L2,FALSE), " & _
"IF(AND($A2=""IE"",$K2=""EXPORT""),VLOOKUP(1,IE_EX_MIN_" & ratesh1 & ",$L2,FALSE),IF(AND($A2=""IP"",$K2=""IMPORT"",$B2=""Letter""), " & _
"VLOOKUP(1,IP_IMP_MIN_" & ratesh1 & ",$L2,FALSE),IF(AND($A2=""IP"",$K2=""IMPORT"",$B2=""Pak""),VLOOKUP(2,IP_IMP_MIN_" & ratesh1 & ",$L2,FALSE), " & _
"IF(AND($A2=""IP"",$K2=""IMPORT"",$B2=""Box""),VLOOKUP(3,IP_IMP_MIN_" & ratesh1 & ",$L2,FALSE),IF(AND($A2=""IE"",$K2 " & _
"=""IMPORT""),VLOOKUP(1,IE_IMP_MIN_" & ratesh1 & ",$L2,FALSE),IF(AND($A2=""IPF"",$J2=""PR"",$K2=""EXPORT""), " & _
"VLOOKUP(1,IP_EX_PR_FR_MIN_" & ratesh1 & ",2,FALSE),IF(AND($A2=""IEF"", $J2=""PR"",$K2=""EXPORT""),VLOOKUP(1,IE_EX_PR_FR_MIN_" & ratesh1 & ",2,FALSE), " & _
"IF(AND($A2=""IPF"", $J2=""PR"",$K2=""IMPORT""),VLOOKUP(1,IP_IMP_PR_FR_MIN_" & ratesh1 & ",2,FALSE), IF(AND($A2=""IEF"",$J2=""PR"",$K2=""IMPORT""), " & _
"VLOOKUP(1,IE_IMP_PR_FR_MIN_" & ratesh1 & ",2,FALSE),IF(AND($A2=""IPF"",$K2=""EXPORT""), " & _
"VLOOKUP(151,IPF_EX_MIN_" & ratesh1 & ",$L2,FALSE),IF(AND($A2=""IEF"",$K2=""EXPORT""),VLOOKUP(151,IEF_EX_MIN_" & ratesh1 & ",$L2,FALSE), " & _
"IF(AND($A2=""IPF"",$K2=""IMPORT""),VLOOKUP(151,IPF_IMP_MIN,$L2,FALSE),IF(AND($A2=""IEF"",$K2=""IMPORT""), " & _
"VLOOKUP(151,IEF_IMP_MIN_" & ratesh1 & ",$L2,FALSE),""THEN""))))))))))))))))))))))"

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In particular I'm concerned about this part.
""DOM_""&$A2&""_MIN_" & ratesh1

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Which named range are you trying to refer to there and where does A2 come into things?
Euro5Author Commented:
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