RDS (Terminal Server) Licensing Question

I can't seem to find the answer to my question anywhere, and I am getting conflicting answers from partners.

I have RDS users for 300 users and have the appropriate RDS Cals.  I want to install Office on these servers.  We use Office Online (E3) and it's allowed to be installed on the RDS servers.  However, we only have 150 of our 300 users use office.  Previously, we had to make sure that every user on the terminal server needed an office license if they consumed it or not.  But since the users can't launch Office without signing in, I don't think that requirement is needed anymore.  

So, if I have 150 users using Office online all can I install Office on the RDS servers for those 150 users and not worry about the other 150 that do not have an office subscription?
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ChrisSenior Technical ArchitectCommented:
on the assumption that you have user cals then you will need to make sure that the users without the subscription can't use any of it or its features as that is a breach in the licencing

AppLocker or ACL's on the folders and executable generally give enough leeway
Jian An LimSolutions ArchitectCommented:
you don't need to worry about the users that don't have e3 licence.

to install office 365 on shared computer, you specify the sharecomputerlicence

then whenever the user run the office 365 product, it will force them to put in their email address and logon to the systems. If they don't have one, they can't use the office 365 product.

So effectively, the user don't have licence won't use office 365.

You should check directly with microsoft licensing instead of asking partner as licensing always changing/evolving. I still remember the time that office 365 can't install on terminal server and now it is supported!


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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
I think I understand what you're asking and even follow your logic... but:
Licensing Disclaimer
License information provided here is "best efforts".  The comments of the respondents are based on interpretation of the license agreements and their knowledge of the particular laws and regulations in their geographic location.  Laws in your location may invalidate certain aspects of the license and/or licenses can change.  "They told me on Experts-Exchange" will not be a valid excuse in an audit.  You need to contact the license granting authority to confirm any advice offered here.
Lee's right. We can all offer opinions but in the end you make the decision and take the responsibility if it turns out to be wrong.

This is definitely a confusing area but your understanding is correct, in my experience.
The aim of the 'shared use' license is to allow o365 users to share a TS without shelling out for additional licenses.
jonyeltonAuthor Commented:
I was able to finally contact Microsoft directly on this, they will respond in two days.  But this appears to be the answer.  This was used as a piece of mind.  Thanks for confirmation.
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