Why is opening a webpage so much slower on my PC compared to my ipad?

hi there, I admit my PC is older (maybe 2010), but simple pages seem to take much longer too. I would not have thought that the processor would be the bottleneck for performance, is there any way i can check?

Here are some sample comparisons:

website  - load time PC  - load time ipad
www.isittuesday.co.uk  -  3s  -  0s
www.bbc.co.uk/news  -  15s  -  3s
a google spreadsheet  -  20s  -  2s

Ipad is an ipad air. PC is an....
OS Name	Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate
Version	6.1.7601 Service Pack 1 Build 7601
Other OS Description 	Not Available
OS Manufacturer	Microsoft Corporation
System Name	ACERALEX
System Manufacturer	Acer
System Model	AO722
System Type	x64-based PC
Processor	AMD C-60 APU with Radeon(tm) HD Graphics, 1000 Mhz, 2 Core(s), 2 Logical Processor(s)
BIOS Version/Date	Acer V1.08, 06/12/2011
SMBIOS Version	2.7
Windows Directory	C:\Windows
System Directory	C:\Windows\system32
Boot Device	\Device\HarddiskVolume1
Locale	Colombia
Hardware Abstraction Layer	Version = "6.1.7601.17514"
User Name	ACERALEX\user
Time Zone	GMT Daylight Time
Installed Physical Memory (RAM)	4.00 GB
Total Physical Memory	3.73 GB
Available Physical Memory	812 MB
Total Virtual Memory	7.46 GB
Available Virtual Memory	3.08 GB
Page File Space	3.73 GB
Page File	C:\pagefile.sys

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I'd really like to speed up my pc, do i need to chuck it and get a new one?


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Might be your wifi adapter? If it is an old wireless B adapter that would really slow things down.
Try another browser and make sure not too many tabs are open.
xeniumAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your feedback.

strung: can you elaborate? I don't see the logic, eg the amount of data being transferred is only a fraction of the achievable up/download speed in a second

rindi: no difference or slower in other browsers with no other tabs open
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do you have any online protection virus/malware protection running on the PC?

what response time do you get from ping/traceroute?

is there anything in system event or router logs that indicate a  problem?

can you try with an alternate network connect  -- wired instead of wireless for example? I think Strung was making the point that older wifi adapters tend to drop and reconnect  as the connection signal varies - especially if they don't have MIMO

id the ipad using 5ghz, what happens if you force it t use 2,5 band
i found that windows on my pc's also take their time for opening webpages, maybe not 15 sec, but still noticeable
it looks to me like a windows problem
did it ever open FAST ?  i suspect the answer is NO

and the ipad is faster, because of the other OS
xeniumAuthor Commented:
regmigrant: thanks for your suggestions I will work through these..

Antivirus: I have AVG free. How can i check what proportion of processing time is spent on this?

Pinging bbc.co.uk [] with 32 bytes of data:
Reply from bytes=32 time=15ms TTL=52
Reply from bytes=32 time=15ms TTL=52
Reply from bytes=32 time=20ms TTL=52
Reply from bytes=32 time=15ms TTL=52

Ping statistics for
    Packets: Sent = 4, Received = 4, Lost = 0 (0% loss),
Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds:
    Minimum = 15ms, Maximum = 20ms, Average = 16ms

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Traceroute, if this is something different to ping, how do I do it?

Wired: I tried this (turning off the wireless adaptor first) and webpage load times were the same.

ipad: how would i change this?
xeniumAuthor Commented:
nobus: thanks for your feedback. I think the PC used to be faster. I may wipe it eventually to see. My last PC was lightening fast after i factory reset it before giving it away.
the ping times look fine so you can eliminate network issues (for the moment at least).

Tracert is a utility that measures the time between 'hops' in the connection - you can install it from Add Windows Features if you have the right windows version (Pro/Ultimate I think). or there are shareware versions you can download.

i would try disabling AVG free and relying on the windows defender/firewall whilst you test, AVG has browser add-ins which may be confusing the results - also disable any browser add-ins and check that all configured network drives are available or removed from Windows Explorer

Run Malwarebytes to make sure there are no malicious things hanging about.

My experience is contrary to Nobus - I find PC/Windows much faster than Ipad - but you might want to try backing up and doing a windows 'Refresh' if none of this improves things.
Things will usually slow down after you install software, particularly if you are auto starting things. Often things don't need to be automatically started. Use msconfig to remove things out of startup.

Also uninstall any software you don't need. When you do install anything, make sure you select the advanced installation mode, which ,ost installers have. There you can usually deselect useless toolbars and addons.

In your browser disable or remove addons and toolbars you don't need.
xeniumAuthor Commented:
regmigrant, thanks again

I tried disabling AVG free and rerunning the tests, but no noticeable difference in web load times (sometimes slower)

Malwarebytes: what benefits does this offer over AVG for example? Willing to try it out.

Is there a utility that can gives stats on processing power used per exe, something like task manager process monitor but per exe. With a start/stop/reset button for testing activity like web page loads etc.

Thanks again
xeniumAuthor Commented:
rindi, thanks for the suggestions. I've been through that in a preceding question (see link in question), so now I'm looking to go deeper.
in task manager, you can use resource monitor - then check for cpu, disk and ram usage

also - updating the network driver may help
Malwarebytes scans specifically for malware and goes deeper than general virus/malware scanners that rely on packet inspection - there's a free version that I keep to hand and run once a week and it turns up stuff my main defense - a paid package - misses every couple of months or so.

It's also worth checking the the event log and see if there's anything weird in there - it would be silly to overlook a failing hard disk in the rush to blame t'internet

To monitor processing you can use Perfmon which will have been installed but not turned on/configured,  it has a steep learning curve though; various commercial ones with a free trial have easier to understand interfaces, but performance monitors add their own overheads and you need experience to interpret the results with any degree of confidence.

If Malwarebytes doesn't turn anything up I would be tempted to do the refresh, or a full rebuild if you have backups and time.

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it certainly is not a fast pc - by todays standards
but you can give it a nice boost by installing an SSD instead of your normal drive
barring that - a fresh install helps also - but chances are after a month you're at the same point
xeniumAuthor Commented:
regmigrant, nobus thanks for the tips I will look at these.

I'm puzzled generally though, that if processing power say doubles every 2 years then with my current setup (if windows 7 had been available etc) my webpage load time in year 2000 would have been about 5 minutes . Clearly this was not the case, what exactly is happening with "progress"?
Webpages in the year 200 were very simple compared to today's. Today's have multimedia and graphics things that just didn't exist yet then.
yes - the speed improvement by hardware is more than nullified by the the additional crapware manufacturers and  MS find it necessary to install
xeniumAuthor Commented:
regmigrant, thanks again
Malwarebytes - i will try this thanks.

Event log, can you remind me where this is and how I would spot a disk issue?

I'm willing to have a crack at perfmon, any tips where to start?

Thanks a lot
MS KB on how to check your disk for errors in Win7:  https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/2641432
To find disk errors you need to run the disk manufacturer's diagnostic on it.
>>  Event log  <<  open disk management, and select  log files for system, or application
the tools are all under Control Panel, Administrative Tools.

You can look at Disk Management under Computer Management
The event viewer is also there - look in the System Tab and Application 'folders' for any warning/critical events. If there is a problem there will be a lot of them and they will tend to be clumped together time-wise

You will also find Performance Monitor in there and here an introduction:
MS Technet guide to setting up perfmon
xeniumAuthor Commented:
Thanks all for your feedback I will repost later today.

Dear ee, sorry but I have not "abandonned" this question, the weekend happened and I need more than a day to try out the suggestions.
xeniumAuthor Commented:
regmigrant, I tried Malwarebytes and got the attached results (200 items). I selected "remove" and so hoping they're all unwanted. Going to restart with fingers crossed...!

Also removed "bonjour service" from checking the event log thanks
xeniumAuthor Commented:
oops here is the attachment
Run Malwarebytes a second time to see if it now gives your computer a clean bill of health.
xeniumAuthor Commented:
strung, thanks am trying that now.

Meanwhile there doesn't seem to have been any performance improvement.

On a another track, presumably going for Windows 10 would be a bad move? If i decide to wipe my pc anyway i guess there'd be no harm.
In my point of view, upgrading to Windows 10Isn't a bad option, as it is free if your OS qualifies for it. But the upgrade only works if you do that to your installed OS (boot into your normal Windows, then run the setup.exe file which is within the iso file of Windows 10 you upgraded.

If you boot directly to the Windows 10 installation media, it won't realize you are upgrqading, and then you need to buy a Windows 10 license.
xeniumAuthor Commented:
rindo, thanks. There's a Windows 10 pop-up icon on the task bar which is offering a free unlimited upgrade, so I assume that'd work?Capture.JPG
That was a lot of PUP entries removed so I'm surprised there wasn't *some* improvement - If Malwarebytes is not finding nothing and you cleared your add-ins and startup then you are looking at a refresh anyway so you might as well do that to w10 using the link you quote.  its breathed new life into my own aging laptop
It should work, but I have always used the media creation tool, which helps you download the iso for your installation. Select the DVD, not USB version, and then either the 32 bit or 64 bit version, not the combined one. Make sure you select the Pro version if you are upgrading from Windows 7 ultimate.

This has the advantage that you will have the iso file from which you can make a DVD or USB install stick so you can later reinstall the OS.
xeniumAuthor Commented:
Thanks all for your detailed contributions.

regmigrant, I think Malwarebytes has improved the PC performance a bit, though this is less noticeable on webpage loading times.

I will continue my quest and post specific follow-ups if needed.

Many thanks again.
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