How to boot a server to extract information?

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We have a windows 2003 server and the hard disk was saturated with information by some users, now the server can't boot properly, we wonder how could we boot it using an external USB memory, then we could delete some information and finally try to run it normally.

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If you have the Server 2003 install DVD/CD boot on that.  You will need to give the admin credentials to access the server's resources but once connected you should be able to move unnecessary files/folders to the data drives or an external USB/ESATA drive.

Adding that no user should have access to the system partition.
Just a thought and question at same time. Is it possible to slave drive and simply delete or move folders off the drive? If the cd wasnt available...


BillBondo, considering that those are SCSI disks, will be very complicated for us to get an external case or even a similar computer to connect them.
what do you mean the server does not boot properly? are you getting an error message during the crash. usually when the drive is full it just won't let you copy more info to it not just crash.. have you tried booting up into safe mode?

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