Printers not redirecting on Windows Server 2008 w/ SP2

My client has a site with five locations. They're connected via a site to site VPN using a mix of SonicWall TZ210s and TZ205s. Each location remotely logs into a Remote Desktop Server running Windows Server 2008 w/ SP2. As of this morning, none of the printer redirects are working. I have ensured that printer drivers are installed for a handful of the printers via the Print Server Manager. I've completely logged off users and had them log back in, and the printers are still not redirecting at all. Not every time, but every few times I have the user log back in an error 1111 is created.

What is causing the redirect to fail?

Thank you!
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Benjamin VoglarIT ProCommented:
Did you try to reset the Printer Spooler Service?
dwilliams4391Author Commented:
The Printer Spooler Service is not available in the list of services, although all the users are still able to print just fine from the server.
Spike99On-Site IT TechnicianCommented:
The local print driver has to have the exact same name as the driver on the server for printer redirection to work. You get event ID 1111 errors when the server doesn't have the driver for the local, redirected printer.

The driver has to be EXACTLY the same.  The names are case sensitive, too (so "HP LaserJet P2015 Series PCL 5e" is not the same as "hp laserjet P2015 series PCL 5e" or "HP LaserJet P2015 Series PCL5e").

You can force the server to use a driver that it already has installed by using print driver mapping.
This page has details on how to set that up:

Basically, you create an INF file that has the print driver names.  In the "[Printers]" section of the INF file, you can specify the drivers that should be used.  The left column is the driver installed on the local computer and the one on the right is the driver installed on the server:


"HP LaserJet P2015 Series PCL 5e" = "hp laserjet P2015 series PCL 5e"

Open in new window

Then, you just add a couple of values to the registry to start using that file.

Using print driver mapping can help you reduce the number of drivers installed on the server.
dwilliams4391Author Commented:
I appreciate the input, however, the issue isn't that I needed to get new printers installed. The problem was that all the printers that have always worked with printer redirection just stopped working. There is nothing evident in the Event Log or otherwise to indicate why this is happening. Regardless, I have reinstalled the correct print drivers multiple times to no avail.

Considering we're trying to get this server replaced anyway, we just went ahead and installed the necessary printers via IP over the VPN and that has resolved the issue.

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dwilliams4391Author Commented:
I can't say this is a solution exactly, more of a temporary work-around until we get the server replaced before the end of the year. The other solutions that were posted were good suggestions, but by the time I had received the comments we had already resolved the issue with this work-around.
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