how to convert date wich is in MM/DD/YYYY to YYYYMMDD in enterprise SAS on unix platform

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   Here is my data set by name "file1.sas7b.dat"

                  Patient ID           DOB
1.              2SRE3456            01/12/2014
2.              S456HRW             1/2/2014
3.              GT567575            02/01/2014

Here is my SAS Enterprise program to convert DOB to YYYYMMDD. But it is not working... ANy help will be greatly appreciated

Data file2_YYYYMMDD;
   set file1;
New_Date = Input(TRIM(DOB),MMDDYY10.);
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Hi there

The variable  DOB  in your sas data set may be either

A numeric variable being stored as the number of days since the date origin and displayed using an associated format probably  mmddyy10.


A character variable of length at least 10 that contains the characters   "0" and "1" and "/" and "1" and "2" and "/" and "2" and "0" and "1" and "4".

In the first case all you need to do is change the format as in

data file2_YYYYMMDD;
   set file1;
   format DOB yyyymmdd.;

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In the second case your code will work except you will need to provide a format for New_Date similar to above.


run proc contents on the file is an easy way to find out which case you have.

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