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Windows 10 Client issues in 2003 Server Domain network.

I have recently installed Windows 10 Pro on my laptop (previously upgraded from Windows 8.1 but had to do a clean installation in the end) and have added to the Server 2003 Domain network at work.

Logging onto the network was an issue in Windows 8.1 but this seems to have resolved itself in Windows 10 ( well it used to take 7 mins to log on to the network and it now takes 3 minutes), but I can no longer shut down properly. I gave up after 20 mins yesterday and then just hit the off button.

If a log on to my local account, startup/shutdown isn't a problem.

The other clients are running Windows 7 Pro and use the same profile. My profile has been unchanged since I had Windows 7 as well.

Could the profile be the issue?

I tried removing the roaming profile once and it completely messed things up, hence why I had to install Windows 10 from fresh. We are due to upgrade the server to Windows Server 2012 in a couple off months so wondering if I have to grin and bear until then.

Any help would be appreciated.
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I would start looking at GPO.

Have a look at the client's event logs. They may indicate that group policy is being processed.

You can test by placing in a separate OU and applying your Group Policy Objects one at a time to diagnose the 'guilty' policy.
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Woorked a treat. Took just the 2 mins to shut down which is a definite improvement. Why would that be?
Why did you close already? :)
It could be, because of scripts that run at shutdown or at logoff.

Examine your logoff/shutdown scripts, let those run interactively.
Logoff scripts: run them as your user
Shutdown scripts: run them as system account like this:
1 download psexec (freeware by microsoft)
2 rightclick cmd.exe and select "run as administrator" ->cmd opens
3 type
psexec -s -i \\yourDC\sysvolshare\...\shutdownscript.bat

Open in new window

See what happens - you will be able to look for errors now and maybe it simply hangs at some step and asks for input. Then you can adjust your script and problem solved.