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I want to buy a Symentec SSL,  I found they offer 1,750,000 $ warranty,

I understand that this is for the site end user not for the SSL subscriber (Site owner).
But my question, is when this amount will be payed for the end user? and from who ? from Symentec or from the site owner?
Ramy MohsenAsked:
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Muhammad MullaCommented:
In theory, the payment would be from the issuer of the certificate, e.g. Symantec. In practise, it would mean the end of issuer, as trust would then be lost.
Ramy MohsenAuthor Commented:
Sorry I didn't get what is meant by " the end of issuer"
Description is here:

Reading down to $$3 you find that in DigiNotar case (who issued false certs, were hacked badly etc etc) you would have received just partial payout if at all.
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Ramy MohsenAuthor Commented:
Thanks gheist,

I'm asking who pays this partial or complete payment (The site owner or the certificate provider)? and who receives this payment (the site owner or the site end user)?
Muhammad MullaCommented:
The payment should be from the issuer of the certificate, as they are the ones guaranteeing the security.

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I dont think there is any historical record of such payouts. I assume it goes to one who pays certificate, and is not distributed between site's users.
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