Can't access SBS2003 backup, it thinks NTbackup is open or a backup is taking place

I want to use *solely* ntbackup and *not* SBS2003 backup to configure our server's backup (as we can specify folders within a drive rather than the whole drive, among other reasons...)

However when I try and open up SBS2003 backup, I can't even access the settings (for example, to switch off any running backups).

I get a dialog box with the following message, even though no backup is currently taking place and ntbackup is not running:

"The Backup Configuration Wizard cannot run because a backup is currently in progress or the Backup Utility is open. Cancel the current backup or wait until it is finished, or close the Backup Utility, and then run the wizard again."

can anyone help with this please?


Also, is there a way to *confirm* 100% that there is no current backup process running (other than look at the backup media file and confirm visually in Windows Explorer that no activity is taking place).
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Joshua HopkinsPresidentCommented:
I would close the wizard and then check to see if ntbackup is in the task manager.  If it shows up then it could be running.

If this process continues to be an issue then I would kill the backup process in the task manager and adjust the backup settings.

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zorba111Author Commented:
Hi Joshua, thanks this worked. I'm kicking myself I never thought of this!

I had shutdown the GUI for ntbackup but the process was still running (as viewed via Task Manager). So when I killed it off I was able to get into SBS2003 Backup finally, and disable it completely.

So now I'll just run ntbackup off the commandline (> ntbackup), and there is less confusion. (2x backup schedules *were* running).
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