PowerShell, finding data in an object returned from a cmdlet

I am new to PowerShell and am trying to understand how to search the results that get returned from a cmdlet.  

I realize this example could be accomplished another way, but I'm just playing around, so please forgive me if the actual use case is a little vague.

In this case, I'm trying to determine if the current computer is a server or not.  I assign a variable ($objListOfNonServers) to receive the collection of objects that get returned from the cmdlet (Get-ADComputer) which are not running Server OSes and which have the same machine name as the current machine.  Essentially, this should contain one object if the current machine is not a server in AD, or no objects if it is running a server OS.  But then I don't know how to test whether that collection contains any objects or not.  I would have thought the $objListOfServers.COUNT method would equal 0 if there were no matches, but I'm doing something wrong.  Can you help me figure out how to determine if the current machine is running a server operating system or not?

Here is my code

# Get this computer name
$sComputerName = $env:computername
#get list of computers that are not servers and have the name of this machine
$objListOfNonServers = Get-ADComputer -Filter { OperatingSystem -NotLike '*Windows Server*' -and Name -Like $sComputerName } | Select Name
if ($objListOfNonServers.Count -eq 0)
    { Write-Output 'This machine is a desktop' }
    { Write-Output 'This machine is NOT a desktop' }
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Qlemo"Batchelor", Developer and EE Topic AdvisorCommented:
You can apply methods or ask for properties only on objects containing something. If you get nothing, the object var contains $null, and not really an object. There are two ways to check:
1. You make it an array by enclosing the expression or var into @(...), and then check .Count - an array always has that property.
2. You just check against $null.
if (@($objListOfNonServers).Count) # ...
# or:
if ($objListOfNonServers) # ...

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As you can see, I do not really use any comparison operator here - I make use of the fact that $null is considered $false, and the same applies for numeric 0. Anything different from a numeric 0 is $true.

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malcolm29Author Commented:
Concise, correct, and examples given
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