can a 42" LG Flatscreen television play movies saved onto a USB flash drive?

Hello and Good Afternoon Everyone

            I have 5 movies which I want to play back onto our 42" LG Flatscreen television which are saved onto a USB flash drive.  The movies are in the formats of MP4 and AVI respectively.  Given this information, I am wondering if our television will be able to play back these movies.  If I am not mistaken, it seems like our television has a USB port on the side close to the HDMI port. At any rate, we hope this television does have a USB port and will be compatible with the file formats given within this post.

             Just in case more technical detail is needed about the 42" LG Flatscreen television, it has a model number of 42LC2D-UE with a manufacture date of February 2007.   The serial number is 702MXBP0R549.

             Any shared input to this question will be greatly appreciated.  I look forward to hearing back from everyone.

             Thank you

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Kash2nd Line EngineerCommented:
this one won't I am afraid.

what you can do is plug a laptop into it if it has vga and then play via that. hope this helps

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You can use a laptop like Kash said or you will need some sort of media player.  One that comes to mind and it doesn't cost that much is the WD TV Media Player (WDBYMN0000NBK-HESN)

You can plug in the usb flash drive to the usb port of this player to playback the movies.  Some more advanced media player has built-in hard drives which allow you to store/record TVs, movies in it.
I do this all the time,
 just convert them to divx avi GMartin using the free Divx converter
I plug in either a USB drive or a USB stick put my V onto apps then select movies and the drive then it shows all the thumbnails press play over the one you want.
to access the menu press OK
divx converter
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GMartinAuthor Commented:
Hello and Good Morning Everyone

               Thanks so much for the feedback given in reply to my question.  In response to Merete's suggestion, I do have a followup question.  Will there be any degradation in audio/video quality of the movie as a result of the conversion?  Or, will the original quality stay intact?

Hi  George
my mp4 converted to HD Divx avi loose no quality,the HD Divx is a really nice quality, however it all depends on the video scale / aspect ratio of your original video, if the video scale is small say 640 x 720 then no matter what when you play it on a large screen it may pixelate .
Note in my screenshot that the one i choose is HD 1080  1920 x 1060 check the other options as some have ac3 high quality audio.
A DVD uses video scale is
NTSC  720 x 480 pixels
PAL    720 x 576 pixels
My television is 68 CM AWA and has a USB socket on the side
 and they play just fine. Quality is good as DVD. your TV should also support mpeg. Mine does. I have my 5 Sansui speakers on an pioneer AMP connected to the TV and sound great again it depends what audio is in the video
But do please convert one and test it you can't lose anything by testing it . Divx converter has many choices post back your results.
you'll need to use the remote control and put the TV on DMP>Applications>it should see your USB then choose Video . , not sure what your LG has.
I use the TV menu to access this feature
Side note in order to keep my HD MP4 I use a Raspberry pi with XBMC installed  wired to TV via HDMI- DVI with two lines video and audio, one keyboard to navigate the Raspbery Pi, the menu is similar almost the same as using the USB.
 these days you can buy them with a box everything installed and a remote control. Plug in a USB stick or NAS or even USB drive it plays mp4 mpeg avi. there is a small fee to get the mpeg support but I don't know if these complete kits have that same policy, probably not but they have lots more to offer including streaming.
difference with USB and HDMI
difference with USB and HDMI
GMartinAuthor Commented:
Hello and Good Evening Everyone

            Thanks so much for the enlightening suggestions and resourceful links given in reply to my question.  Each person who responded to this question brought with them something new to consider and try.  As with all of my past questions, I have noticed this to be the hallmark of the entire forum of EE which makes it a constant privilege to be a part of as I embark upon various technical issues.  

            In agreement with Kash's feedback, this LG television does not have a USB port as indicated within his link provided.  However, I did notice that my 32" Vizio television does have an available USB port.  As such, I plan on converting the MP4 and AVI files to  HD Divx avi using  the free Divx converter
recommended by Merete.   With the thorough, detailed, and easy to follow tips given by Merete, I am going into this project with a great deal of optimism and confidence.  

             Without a doubt, this has been one of my best post thanks to everyone's shared input.  I do indeed thank everyone for your help.

              Have a great evening.

Thankyou very much George it is a pleasure to share my fun experiences.
Sharing this is really going around the world as a quick way to play media on the TV. I hope they don't remove this feature as the new TV are now called SMART TV

If I may a work around to using your 42" LG television is a set top box, I did this in my bedroom TV which does not have USB. I bought a simple Bush digital set top box and plugged my USB drive into that, put the TV on AVs then using the DVR remote put it onto apps then choose video  and works perfectly as well.
There are many types of set top boxes DVR that have USB some even support mpeg4 and mpeg2 and can be added to the TV.
In my lounge I have my Kenwood stereo system with 5 Sansui speakers connected to the TV with wonderful surround sound.
It maybe simple methods but they work and are cheap and no sniffing from DRM or the internet like the smart TV
If you need it here's a youtube video basically shows how it works and what you see, different on every TV
HOW TO: Add a external hard drive to your TV
All the best with it and if you need further  assistance send a ping through this question
Regards Merete
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