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I'm occasionally getting error 3078 "database engine could not find the object 'TableName'", while the ODBC linked tables exist, and can be opened from database pane.
Back-End is SQL Server 2012, front-end is Access 2010.
the error happens on lines sort of:
With CurrentDb.OpenRecordset("select ..", dbOpenDynaset, dbSeeChanges)

What could be the fix here?..
Thank you
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always refresh your linked table connections when opening your db.


mean TableDefs.Refresh ?
if anyone is still interested..

I should have informed that the application has shared front-end.
on start it executed re-linking of attached tables.
thus, if any user was already online, then new user when executing re-linking (delete+attach table), was temporarily killing tables.

the solution is to eliminate re-linking on start.
now we re-link only once, when publishing application.
and, I know, I know, we should never use shared front-end :)

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