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Create VPN Tunnel from Windows 2008 using IPSEC

We are making a secure connection from our Windows 2008 server to the Banks Server, they are asking us to configure a Secure VPN Tunnel using IPSEC, They gave us this information but I need someone to point me to the right direction on how to set it up:

The bank send to us:
Their ip: xx.xx.xx.xx
Internal IP: xx.xx.xx.xx tcp/443 / tcp/7001
VPN Concentrate: ASA5515
Version: 8.6(1)2

Authentication Method: Preshared Key
Encryption: IKE
IKE-Diffie-HellMan: 2
IKE-Algorithm Encryption: 3DES
IKE-Algorithm Hashing: SHA-1
IPSEC-renegotiation SA Phase 1: 1140 minutes (IKE lifetime)
IPSEC-Algorithm Encryption: 3DES
IPSEC-Algorithm Hashing: SHA-1

and they need the same information from our server....

could someone help me?
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Excelent!!!. We have a Fortinet 60d as a router, I think it will do the job!.
Let me check....
Keep us posted. Look up the IPsec setup for the Fortinet.
Thank you for pointing me to the right direction!!!
@marpanet - You are very welcome and I was happy to help.