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YouTube in PowerPoint 2010 - Continuous Loop Presentation + Video

I am a novice (but capable), so please forgive me if I am saying something unclear...

I am working in PowerPoint 2010 (PP).  

Prior to a conference beginning, I plan to have a PP presentation on continuous loop.  On one slide I would like to embed a YouTube video that begins when the slide transitions.  I would then like the video to "reset" to the beginning and wait to play again until the presentation has transitioned back to that slide... and continuously repeat until stopped.

I have found how to autoplay videos through this demonstration (click here) by using ShockwaveFlash1.   Through some further research, I found how to loop the video continuously by using the following code in the "movie" field of the ShockwaveFlash1 developer.  


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I feel like I am close, but I cannot get it to do exactly as I explained.  I am not opposed to downloading the video (safely?) and doing it that way if it is a better/viable option.  

Thank you in advance... Michael
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8/22/2022 - Mon
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Miguel Monteiro

Insert the video using the video embed code provided in "YouTube", set the duration of the slide to a second more than the video length.
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