Dual Processor Work Load

I have a dual Xeon (x5650) system that one of my processors runs 40 degrees hotter than the other.   I have basic liquid cooling on both.    It seems that the work load just isn't distributed equally,  maybe that's by design or limitation.  

Does anybody have a method to balance this out or any ideas why i have this issue?
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The balancing is done by applications.  You could depending on the application, I.e. Provides control using affinity to be limited to using specified/selected processors (cores)

However, 40  in C or F?
I.e one is 20 c while the other 60?
I would think the issue is either poor thermal paste to heat-sink, or there is an issue with flow in the cooling..........
It could also be a problem of your OS. The OS usually manages what runs on which CPU and which core. There are also some OS's that have license limits, for example will only support one CPU socket, and if you want to use more you may have to buy another license for the OS.
Carlos IjalbaIT Systems DirectorCommented:
I would run a full HW diagnostics test from the BIOS to check the CPU components, or a bootable diagnostic application like SIW, Sandra, etc if the BIOS doesn't have one.

If all the HW is OK, then is likely your OS (which you haven't provided, is it Windows?) since the task manager load balances apps between the CPUs. You can also setup your applications to run in one specific CPU, to balance it manually, but this is rarely needed.

Another possible culprit could be the application that you are running is not MultiCPU aware, and that's why it's frying your main CPUm but it would have to be an old application.

My personal hunch is that it is hardware related or an old application issue.
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tailoreddigitalAuthor Commented:
My temps are in Celcius.

I'm running Windows Server 2012r2.

The primary application driving up the temp is BlueIris running about 10 cameras.

When i shut BlueIris down the temp drops.   With BlueIris

30c and 60-70 c,  with BlueIris shutdown it runs at 30c and about 40-45c

I think these temps are normal, i just don't understand why the workload isn't more even and if i can make it more even.
if you look at task manager CPU load per individual core, does it reflect one core is more in use. I.e. Matching the COU that is reflected a higher temp.

The problem is trying when the application starts to change the CPU affinity to shift/lock it to th other Physical CPU.

Lets say each physical processor has four cores no hyperthreading for ....
When opened, you see CPU2 is the overheating. If you can under taskmanager, process, change the affinity of the CPU to 0-3 excluding 4-7
If that does not crash the app, it should switch it to use the cpu1 see if that shifts the heat sensor data to follow.

If CPU1 now starts reflecting higher temperatures close to CPU2 you know it is the application, if it does not the issue is with cooling
Thermal paste connection/issues with the cooling. Crimped pipe to cpu2
andyalderSaggar maker's framemakerCommented:
Apparently you need to set the processor affinity to 1 less than the total number of cores in the computer for blueiris.exe using task manager.

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