OneNote - annotate web page

Saving a web page to OneNote results in a picture of the page. However, the text is searchable.

1. Is the resulting picture of the web page a non-editable PDF ?
2. How can one annotate a web page (the resulting picture) in OneNote? Meaning, inserting comments at the right place, not before or after the page picture.
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I am not sure what end result is desired.
A possible method is to select all of the webpage and paste it into a new one note page. You can then annotate it anywhere and to any extent you desire. It will be saved on your computer as a file where xxx is the one note page name
Richard DanekeTrainerCommented:
There is a 'It Depends...".  If you use the option to print from the internet browser to OneNote, you will get image (PNG) pages and your questions are answered as follows:

1. The image is PNG and OneNote makes the text searchable as an option.
The image can be saved (exported) from OneNote as a PNG graphic file with a right click on the image and a Save As...
2. You can insert shapes, text boxes, pictures, etc. just like any other OneNote page. On the Draw ribbon, use Type or a pen tool.  On insert, you can add video, audio, etc.  They will retain integrity (stay as boxes or objects)on the web page image.  Text and drawing can be categorized for searches.

If you highlight a web page and paste it into OneNote, you will get the images from the web page and text pasted into OneNote as rich text - possibly as a table - with editable and searchable text.  It will not maintain its web style formatting.

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campinamAuthor Commented:
Thank you.

aburr, it will not maintain formatting...
richard, using the Type tool from Draw won't work directly on the page image. However, I noticed OneNote always leaves some space to the right of the page image. There one can make a text box and drag it horizontally over the page image (or leave it where it is). The space on the right side is fortunate (no such thing on the left) as dragging from top or bottom of page would make it quite unfeasible on longer pages.

Please correct if I missed something. Is it possible to type directly on page image?
campinamAuthor Commented:
I should mention that I use OneNote Clipper for all web pages I save in OneNote.
campinamAuthor Commented:
sorry, I figured that late:

if i double-click on the page image then OneNote does create a text box on top of the image... gorgeous
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