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Rajkumar Kamath

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access ASDM on cisco asa 5505

Good Day,

I have asa 5505 on which i would like to access asdm. when i try https://x.x.x.x , it doesnt launch asdm , however it goes and prompts me to enter username and password

i can do telnet to asa from one of the server machines which i have allowed on the asa. login to enable mode and do whatever changes required.

i have http enable
           http inside

on the asa , when i do sh run.

apart from that not sure what else to. it used to work before. appreciate assistance.
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NetExpert Network Solutions Pte Ltd
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while its prompting username password, you need to provide username and password.

Once the password is right, you can see an option to download ASDM

checkout this url for more info
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Rajkumar Kamath


how can i check what username its asking for. i know both login and enable password to login to asa.

you can provide the same username which you are using for telnet access.
there is no user. all i get is prompt for passwords and thats it. last time , we had disabled no transport input all. not sure if that has got anything to do with it,tried creating a user with priv 15 level. it still doesnt login and shows invalid login .

can you run the below command in ASA and paste the output here

#sh run | i http
#sh run | i username
#sh run | i enable
sh run
 port-object eq https
access-list outside-in extended permit tcp any host eq https
http server enable
http inside
 group-url enable\

sh enable
enable password 6R0pKvAZdKXDZYJ8 encrypted
logging enable
no asdm history enable
http server enable
crypto isakmp enable outside
crypto isakmp enable inside
crypto isakmp enable inside2
dhcpd enable inside2
 enable outside
 enable inside
 enable inside2
 svc enable
 group-alias VPN enable
 group-alias anyconnect enable
 group-url enable

sh user

username "user" password GdjlykRzleZgWT/i encrypted privilege 15
username "user" attributes
all the required options are configured on the ASA. the config looks OK

while you type https://<asa inside ip>.  username "user" should accept
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Istvan Kalmar
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