Multiple xbox 360 or Playstations multiplayer gaming with NAT/PAT

dfr661 used Ask the Experts™
I was wondering if anyone has successfully implemented multiple gaming console's on a network with NAT/PAT with full multiplayer gaming functionality? In particular using enterprise grade firewalls or routers.

I was thinking someone in the university education space may have done this (student dorm networks).

Thanks for the help!
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ste5anSenior Developer

What do you mean by "implemented"?

Running multiple boxes behind one NATed router? Yes, no problem with Xbox 360 and PS4.
But I guess it depends on the router and your provider and bandwidth.


By implemented I mean successfully have running in an environment.

Per the research I've done, multiplayer gaming, p2p and client/server (where the server is another user console) having multiple console's behind a firewall not using UPnP (usually all enterprise class) does not work.

I'm not concerned with bandwidth. I'm concerned with NAT/PAT and multiplayer gaming on enterprise device. We can call is a cisco ASA if that helps clarify.

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