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I have an Epson Workforce 3520 which I tried to add to a new install of Win7.  I downloaded the most current printer drivers from the Epson site, which installed, and THEN started a COMPLETELY UNBIDDEN update of the printer firmware.  Somehow the printer lost power during the update, and the flash EEPROM is stuck - when I turn on the printer, I get a periodic flash of the power lamp coupled with a beep, and a blank screen.  If there is NO firmware installed, the screen is supposed to come up and display "Recovery Mode", where you can connect to the printer via USB and download a fresh firmware install.  

Does anybody know the startup button sequence to reset the flash in an Epson Workforce 3520?  It should be a simple matter of setting a bit in the microcontroller to do an initial install - after all, the printer WAS in this state before, just after it was built and NO firmware was in there.  

Epson technical support are absolutely NO use and do not have a clue (..."Are you sure it's plugged in?"); I find them very frustrating.  But there IS a utility opr key sequence to do this - the WIC resetter utility and the Epson Service software do nothing as they cannot connect to the printer thru the USB port - the microcontroller is stuck.
Andrew ShelpukAsked:
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>>  after all, the printer WAS in this state before, just after it was built and NO firmware was in there.  <<  no it was not
when built - they either use preprogrammed chips that are put on the board, or they program it externally with some Eprom programming device

about all you can do is this - if it gets that far :
1. Press the Home menu button on the front of the printer.

2. Scroll, using the Right Arrow, to the Setup option.  Press OK.

3. Scroll, using the Down Arrow, to the Restore Default Options item.  Press OK.

4. Scroll, using the Down Arrow, to All Settings.  Press OK.

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Andrew ShelpukAuthor Commented:
Perhaps I didn't explain my question correctly - there IS no Setup menu or in fact ANY menu; the firmware is wiped. There is supposed to be a bootloader in theicrocontroller that initiates a Rexovery Mode option, where you can download a new firmware install, but I do not know the key sequence for this printer model to INITIATE that recovery mode. Recovery mode can't be a part of the firmware, because it is ised to restore CORRUPTED firmware, which is what I've got. My NEXT step is to open up the printer, get the part number and datasheet for the microcontroller (most probably made by Epson in Europe; they've got a mess of 8 and 16 bit devices they sell...) and reinitiate it with a programmer, but I'm trying to avoid taking this thing apart. I have startup button sequences for varilous Epson STYLUS models, but not the Workforce - The most I have been able to ascertain is that it includes holding down the # key with the power button at startup, perhaps another key or two - for the Styli it's 3 buttons.  Any disaffected Epson technicians out there that have the micro literature for the Workforce line?
you explained it well, that's why i posted if it gets that far :
i doubt anybody will be able to help
buy another printer - it is dead
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Andrew ShelpukAuthor Commented:
Maybe YOU have the means to toss money out like that; most inkjet printers are loss leaders to get you into an expensive cartridge habit. And a micro is a micro - EVERY silicon vendor has a utility fir programming their device, including Epson; shouldn't be too hard to get into it, and any serial I2C or some such memory.

Just looking for the easier route before I open this thing up. There IS an Epson hardware reset procedure that's burned into a separate memory than the user OS.
why do you adress me ? i only tell you how the situation is - not that i like it.
and goodluck with your search for programming the chip
if you succeed, i sure like to hear about it !
Andrew ShelpukAuthor Commented:
Sorry nobus, don't mean to sound testy - I'm just frustrated this week with the Epson telephone Customer Service people (who really do not seem to know very much about their product) saying exactly that - buy a new printer.  Oh, and "take it to a factory authorized service agent".  Well, that's a bunch of hooey; Epson already told me this device was out of warranty and they would not do anything about it, despite the fact that THEY are the ones to destroy it with their misbehaving update software.  So that means it's mine to do...well...whatever I want.  Including taking it apart for the motors, gears, and electronics for my OWN little controller projects.  If I have to buy another printer, well okay; but guess which vendor I'm gonna go with, Epson...
>>  guess which vendor I'm gonna go with,   <<  this attitude does not help imo, they are all the same, and do as little as they can for free; meaning customer service does not exist, but customer money does...
Andrew ShelpukAuthor Commented:
I suppose I am too used to industrial vendors who sell controls equipment and electronics to us integrators who build the equipment that the Epson"s of this world use to manufacture the goods they sell to the public - they are nothing BUT helpful and informative. As far as Seiko-Epson goes, they will provide programming tools to set up their microconroller lines to be put into OTHER products; I guess I really can't expect much from the printer people...

Off to pick out the HP laserjet. THIS carcass is getting turned into an automatic feeder for the cat once I get the data sheet for the silicon inside it. I wonder if I can train him to use the touchscreen? No; he"d probably prefer a mouse...
now - that's what i call  a good example for how to use old, and discarded hardware
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