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excel 2010 show all windows in the taskbar not working

When toggling this feature on or off, it does nothing. On another pc with the same version of office it behaves as expected. When opening a excel doc, it does not show in the taskbar. If I have 3 spreadsheets open, it used to show 3 files open on the taskbar. Any ideas?
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Justin Alvarez

Just to confirm, you have changed the the Windows taskbar to "Never Combine"?

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Yes, I have toggled those settings also. This machine had a virus infection earlier this summer, several Trojans. The system is clean now. Could this be damaged from the virus removal process? I did have to reinstall Internet Explorer to get another bug worked out after virus removal.
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Do you log-in to the two PCs that you are using (the one that performs as expected, & the one you mentioned above that had some remedial action earlier in the year)?

If you & another colleague do have separate log-in user names/passwords, perhaps you can log-in to each other's machines using your own log-in credentials & see if the issue is PC-based, or associated with your actual log-in Profile information.

That is, if you usually log-in as "Thomas" to PC #1, & your colleague, say, "Mindy", uses PC #2 with her own log-in, please ask "Mindy" to log-in to PC #1 (as herself), & you log-in to PC #2 (as yourself).

Then you can see if the issue follows you to PC #2, or remains on PC #1.
It is a customers machine. It has been acting up since the virus removal this summer.
Do you use separate log-ins to MS-Windows for each individual user?

...or, do you use one log-in for everybody that wishes to use it?
Just 1 log in for everyone.
In that case, we could be here for quite some time trying lots of different way to fix this one issue, only to find you have another on that same machine in the near future.

Is it practical for you to re-build the machine (i.e. re-install MS-Windows)?

Was "Windows Restore" ("System Restore") running (in the background) on the PC earlier in the year?  Can you reinstate the operating system files (only; not user data files) to a known date prior to when the issue first occurred?

[ ] (MS-Windows XP)
[ ] (MS-Windows 7)
[ ] (MS-Windows 8.1)
I really don't want to put in another 5 hours reinstalling windows on this machine. But, I think at this point, that a reinstall is the best option.
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