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After a year or so our programs that rely on MSSQL get slow and sluggish and the CPU stays fairly busy, most of the time around 100%. About once a year our SQL databases get re-indexed by an outside company. Whatever it is they do it does reduce CPU load significantly. They call it re-indexing but we assume what they are doing is defragging the tables. We would like to do this internally so we are not relying on a third party anymore. Would anyone be willing to educate me on what is being done basically and how you can tell if it needs it?

Windows 2008/SQL 2008
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This script (free) will rebuild the indexes for you:

Essentially non clustered indexes get fragmented after long use, by rebuilding them you keep everything organized and easily accessed.

And everything you ever wanted to know about indexes:


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many DBAs I trust highly recommend Ola's scripts (nb: I am not a DBA)

here is some additional information you may find helpful

This conference video is a useful introduction as Ola explains his approach and answers questions: recommended video

An alternative that many others recommend is:

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