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Framework for making hybrid mobile apps

I am in need to make a mobile app but I want to build it as hybrid app.
I know there are  tools like phonegap, ionic, others

But I am not which one would be the best for making hybrid app.

Suggestion are welcome
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Ionic is an HTML5 development framework (which is wrapping Angular framework that is the main "hidden" core engine running). Key is to note it is to run in low-level browser shell like iOS's UIWebView or Android's WebView instead of a common mobile browser app. This also means that access device capabilities such as the accelerometer, camera, contacts, and more. Since it is open-source, your development need to include the open sourced licence appropriate (and get the commercial licensing clarified before going further into your dealings).

The development is written in HTML, Javascript, and CSS. You can get going with this quick guide and enable the ionic appls developed required target iOS and Android platforms to run on

Besides this Ionic, a long running used by most developer (there are more of other good one as you stated too, and maybe Telerik AppBuilder - commercial though), I also suggest taking advantage of 3rd party web runtimes like Crosswalk. It is embedded into your hybrid app. The reason is more of not saying Ionic, for instance is not enough but each mobile platform comes with a set of caveats and inconsistent support by its runtime as version differs, such that you need to "hard-code"  and manage platform-specific codes. So Crosswalk can be alternative to embedded a runtime with the hybrid appl instead of relying solely on the platform runtime
This means three things:
1.You can distribute your web application via app stores.
2.Your application won't break in whatever ancient webviews or browsers your audience is using, as you control the runtime and its upgrade cycle.
3.You can build applications without worrying so much about runtime differences and quirks: you only have one runtime to deal with.
Hybrid mobile applications are built in a similar manner as websites. Both use a combination of technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Based on my experience I would advise to use next trick:
1. Set up a Local Web Host
2. Turn Your Website Into a Web App
3. Test Offline Support
4. Test on Actual Devices
5. Be smart with frameworks
6. Provide Both Standard and Retina Graphics
For more information about mobile app development visit Iflexion's website.
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You might find real user reviews for all the major mobile app platforms on IT Central Station to be helpful:

As an example, users interested in solutions such as Phonegap and Ionic also read reviews for Oracle Mobile Application Framework. This user writes, "There exists different hybrid solutions in the market with open source products, but if you want to have support and a real business solution, then there is no better solution that I've seen." You can read the rest of his review here:

Good luck with your search.